How Are Vaginas Supposed To Smell?

With nicknames like "Fish Taco," it's no wonder we freak out. Many women I meet absolutely despise their vaginas, as if they completely buy into whatever childhood messages they were fed about how the vagina is "dirty" and "bad." For these women, any odor wafting up from down there acts as a big stinky banner of how much they hate their girlness. With vagina nicknames such as "fish taco," "crotch mackerel," "cod canal," "fish factory," "fuzzy lap flounder," "tuna town," and "raw oyster," it’s no wonder we worry about how we smell. ...more
I've had vaginal odor and Bacterial Vaginosis problem over 4 years. I tried everything, of ...more

Can Menstrual Cramps Change Your Brain?

For almost ten years, I fed my body continuous birth control pills because periods hurt, and as a doctor-in-training, I was simply too busy to be bothered by even mild menstrual cramps. So by the time I stopped my pills in order to try to get pregnant, I had forgotten how much menstrual cramps suck. The first period wasn’t so bad, but by the third one, I was grabbing my hubby, throwing him on the bed, and screaming “GET ME PREGNANT – NOW!” ...more

I agree 110%...people with chronic pain are treated like things to dealt with rather than with ...more

SEEing With Magical Eyes on a New York Subway

Written By: Dr. Lissa RankinI’m sitting on the 1 Train of the NYC subway as I write this. It’s rush hour, so there are people everywhere. I’m lucky to have a seat next to a lovely older woman who is looking over my shoulder and smiling. When I went to New York for the first time and talked about how I was going to ride the subway instead of taking cabs, people from my hometown looked at me sideways, as if I had a death wish. “If you must, don’t look anyone in the eye,” someone said, and I never forgot it....more

I ride the 1 often. Maybe one day you will SEE me :Pmore

How to be Queen of Your Own Life

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How To Let Your Freak Flag Fly

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I was just sizing up my closet and all of my summer clothes are muted tones of grey, blue,and ...more

A Tribute to Childless Mommys: You Don’t Have To Have Kids To Mother

Written By: Lissa Rankin Mother’s Day is Sunday. As an OB/GYN, I know this can be a tough day for women who have been unable to conceive, lost pregnancies, had abortions, adopted, or chosen not to reproduce. With all this talk about motherhood floating around – Mother’s Day brunches, kids making shell necklaces, and flower displays at the local grocery store, you may be feeling…well…left out. ...more

Getting Out of the Box: Thoughts On Living An Authentic Life

Written By: Lissa Rankin Marla Maples and I had the most lovely chat this morning, and I have to say I totally have a crush on her now. You might know Marla as the ex-wife of tycoon Donald Trump, but I know Marla as this loving, spiritual, awakening being longing to shed the baggage of her past and serve the world with her gorgeous heart. ...more

How To Please a Woman in Bed

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