7 Tips For Finding Your Tribe

10 Life-Threatening Mistakes You Might Make With Your Doctor

With our health care system as broken as it is, it’s easy for patients – myself included – to fall into the role of victim and blame others when things don’t go our way. But are you doing what you can to optimize the kind of health care you’re getting?...more

Life Is Unsafe, So Why Not Take Risks?

I recently met with a group of doctors who gather at Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen’s house monthly to discuss a variety of topics and seek meaning in medicine and in the human experience. The topic of the month was “Safety,” our quest for it, our desire for it and, as we discovered, our complete inability to attain it, given the certainty of uncertainty. ...more
Gorgeous piece, Lissa. I'm sorry for that triple-whammy -- what a horrible time in your life. ...more

Do You Expect People To Read Your Mind?

If she flies across the country to surprise me on my birthday, I’ll know we really are best friends.If he reaches out to me and shares the details of his challenges when times are tough, and if he calls me to share his good news when things are going his way, I’ll know he really cares.If only she would move in with me after my baby is born so I don’t have to do this mama thing alone, I’d know I really matter to my mother....more

The Fragility Of Life & How To Love Dangerously

“Good morning, Grendel!”When my hubby Matt lifts my Bichon Frisé pup Grendel up on the bed first thing in the morning, she’s so excited she can hardly contain herself. Although she’s eight years old, she thinks she’s still a puppy, and she wags and bounces and barks and creates such a frenzy that nobody who might still be sleeping can stay asleep....more