The MOST Important Part Of Your Health

I recently had the privilege of giving a speech to a packed house of incredible people at the Hay House I Can Do It IGNITE conference, where I shared the stage with my mentors, teachers, and friends - Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Cheryl Richardson, Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr, Kate Northrup, Gabrielle Bernstein, Latham Thomas, Alisa Vitti, and more....more

The Health Benefits Of True Friendship

I recently went to the monthly Finding Meaning in Medicine group I attend with Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen and a few other awesome physicians who gather together to remind each other why we are in service and who we are. Each month, we choose a topic to discuss. The topic was FRIENDSHIP.One person brought this to share....more

The $100 Startup

When I quit my lucrative but exhausting job as a full time OB/GYN, I wasn’t fully aware of the fact that I was about to become a somewhat reluctant entrepreneur.  I didn’t have a business plan or even an idea of how my leap of faith would turn into revenue. I just knew I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing for one more day. The pain of staying put finally exceeded my fear of the unknown - so I jumped....more

Help Me Train Doctors

I wish doctors of all specialties were required to take courses on Nutrition for a minimum of 2 ...more

The #1 Mistake Healers Make

I picked up someone’s beat up, discarded novel at the rental house where I stayed on Lake Erie this past summer -Cutting For Stone, by Abraham Verghese. And I started reading one night and instantly got caught up in the story.In the first few pages, the fictional narrator, a surgeon, says:...more

A Patient Contract

Imagine if you and your doctor signed a contract like this: As patient and doctor, you and I are entering into a partnership. As such - and with all due respect - I’d like to clarify a few things about the terms of this partnership and how I hope we can work together with the mutual goal of my whole health and healing.My Voice Matters...more

Are You In Service To What I Serve?

When I posted my first blog on back in April of 2009, I set an intention and wrote it, in magic marker, on my office wall. I wrote “I want Owning Pink to invite people to know that they are loved, safe, and nurtured.”...more