Can Positive Thinking Help You Heal?

A big part of the book I’m writing Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof You Can Heal Yourself (Hay House, 2013) is about how positive belief, hope, and expectation can trigger self-healing superpowers that manifest physiologically in the body, so I was delighted to read this article on CNN by one of my heroes, Dr. Deepak Chopra....more
i strongly believe that positive thoughts has a great impact on one's wellness. positive ...more

The Healing Round Table

If you’re a patient who has incorporated complementary and alternative medicine into your health care regimen, you may have bumped up against some resistance on both sides of the healing fence. Your doctor may think your homeopath is a total quack selling snake oil, and your homeopath may think your doctor is a big thug, thwacking his pharmaceutical hammer at anything that moves.Your doctor may insist that you stop all of your herbs, cancel your acupuncture appointment, and ditch the flower essences that were lovingly prepared for you....more
PS. also the contracts that I viewed were awesome and I will be printing one out. In honor of my ...more

TEDxFiDiWomen: Speaking Your Truth Is Good For Your Health

I recently got up on the blue backlit stage to deliver my first TEDx talk at TEDxFiDiWomen in San Francisco, and as I stood there in the spotlight, I felt the gravity of what I was about to do. Looking out over that sea of people who were anticipating what I was about to say, I felt the butterflies in my belly, but they didn’t keep me from leading off my TEDx talk with a bold statement - “Caring for your body is the LEAST important part of your health.” ...more

Practicing Love, With A Little Medicine On The Side

As I wrote about here, I believe medicine is a spiritual practice because practicing medicine is all about being vessels for Divine love, so we can facilitate the process of self-healing for our patients.But nobody ever taught me this in medical school. I learned it by merely being human.Because of my ability to be both human and a doctor, I have always practiced love, with a little medicine on the side....more

Do Working Moms Raise Healthier Kids?

If you’re a working mother like me, you may have noticed a few raised eyebrows from time to time. I was only five weeks postpartum when I had to go back to my work as an OB/GYN physician, and you’d have thought I had murdered my infant the way some women looked at me. (“How dare she? How selfish of her. But just wait - that child will be totally messed up one day.”)...more

Medicine Is A Spiritual Practice

When I went to medical school, nobody ever taught me that medicine was a spiritual practice - but it is. Or at least, in Pink Medicine, it will be.You might not think so. After all, philosophers like Descartes have been perpetuating the notion of mind-body dualism, suggesting that body, mind, and spirit have absolutely nothing to do with each other.But I beg to differ....more

What's Broken About Health Care & How To Fix It

The U.S. healthcare system is broken. Lissa Rankin is a doctor, and yet, because she was diagnosed with high blood pressure in her twenties, and because her husband accidentally cut two fingers off his left hand with a table saw, they're now completely uninsurable under a traditional family health insurance program. This piece summarizes everything Lissa thinks is wrong with the healthcare system in the U.S. -- as well as what can be done do to fix it. ...more
I am really with you on backing up the physicians. They are going to school to learn to help ...more

In Defense of Doctors

If you’ve been following my blog series about Pink Medicine, you’ll see that I’ve been kind of harsh to the doctors of the Old Medicine. I’ve put out a global apology on behalf of physicians everywhere....more

I'm Sorry, Wounded Healers

In this post, I offered up a global apology on behalf of doctors everywhere to those who they may have hurt. But if you’re a doctor, I can guarantee that you also deserve an apology.  I’m certain that you - like me - have suffered at the hands of other doctors, so on behalf of those doctors who have hurt you, I’m so sorry, my love....more

Patient, Heal Thyself

You can be your own doctor, love.Yes, you heard me right.You can be your own doctor.I’m not suggesting that you climb into the stirrups and do your own Pap smear, knock yourself out and take out your own gallbladder, or bail on your chemo. As an MD, I have a great appreciation for medical science and all we have to offer, and we certainly need doctors and other health care practitioners to do their part....more