Should West Coasters Stockpile Potassium Iodide To Protect Against Radiation?

Apparently, San Francisco and LA health food stores are selling out of potassium iodide supplements because people in California (as well as other West Coast areas) are freaking out about the possibility of radiation fallout from the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan....more

Oral Sex Causes Oral Cancer—But Don’t Wig Out

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could blame all oral cancers on smoking ciggies and boozing it up? At least we already know we’re better off ditching those vices. But are we supposed to have NO fun? I mean, seriously. For the most part, oral sex is pretty dang safe. You can’t get knocked up. It’s much harder to contract most sexually transmitted diseases. And it feels oh-oh-oh so good. But it seems all good things come at a price. ...more
Having just finished radiation and chemo treatments for HPV 16 cancer on my bottom of my tongue ...more

Steam Your Vagina: An OB/GYN on Vaginal Steam Baths

But it’s not meant to be just a beauty treatment. Apparently, this technique is rooted in ancient Korean tradition. Some claim that vaginal steam baths (aka “chai-yok”), “reduce stress, fight infections, clear hemorrhoids, regulate menstrual cycles and aid infertility, among many other health benefits.” ...more
spottieottie I keep hearing rave reviews. I am late to this party apparently.more

I Am A Supremacist

Maybe they cannot relate to you anymore. I would suggest sticking with topics that are relevant ...more

Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway

Touching Just One Person

Discovering My Erotic Creature

I interviewed Shiela a year ago as well, and just a conversation with her had me turned on for ...more

For Victims Of Molestation

Book Tour Week 2 - Support & Sisters in NYC

When I approached my book tour, I decided to focus on living in the moment. After all, how many people get to actually go on a 20 city book, traveling the country and meeting their readers? I wanted to really be present on this book tour, rather than freaking out about what might be ahead or reliving what might have already happened....more