12 Things I'd Tell My High School Self

I had a terrible time sleeping the other night, and a lot of times when I can’t sleep, I think of random blog post ideas ... this is one of those posts....more
All so true!  I would tell myself to stop trying to please everyone and do what I want to do. I ...more

5 Ways Moms Ruin A Good Time

There is a new phrase at my house that my husband and children love to toss around. Whenever I start to cross a line into the territory of nagging or hovering over my brood they tell me to, “quit Momming it up!” I have heard this phrase so often in the last few months that I have come to anticipate it when I impulsively do mom-ish things like lick my thumb to wipe dirt off of my son’s little nose. ...more
This made me laugh. My kids are still very young, but I already see these tendencies in myself!more

List Monday

9 Things You Need to Know About the Digital Kid

This is true! We are in the digital age and technology has many benefits. I found a little short ...more

Introduction and Plagues for a Modern Day Era

Hi there!I'm new to BlogHer but not new to blogging. To try and find more bloggers to follow and fun blogs to read, I took the plunge and started posting here! You can catch up over on my original blog, but here's a fun post to get you started. ...more

5 Things Kids Do Too Long

I cannot be the only one...who has suffered through one day too many of their child's whining and began to wonder, how long is this whining phase going to last? Some of the things my six year old does seem to never change, perpetuating for what feels like forever.  With this in mind, I decided to list the 5 changes Sonny Boy has been reluctant to make, and, in the name optimism, the changes that happened so fast, I missed them while they were happening.  I am sure you will be able to relate, so here we go: ...more

List Time

Things I’m looking forward to once I leave the slope…....more

List Time

Things I’m looking forward to once I leave the slope…....more