Grab Your Favorite Post Because Open Mic is Back for #BlogHer16

The post-VOTY Open Mic, hosted by Ann Imig from Listen to Your Mother, is back for #BlogHer16. Before you leave for the conference, dive into your archives and pull out a favorite post from this year to read in front of a friendly and energetic audience. If you're not already familiar with BlogHer's Open Mic, it's one dash VOTY and one dash karoke ... without the music. ...more

Rely Less on the Memento and More on the Memory

Remember back to when you had to wait until the film in your camera was developed to discover the quality of the photographs you took at an event? Sometimes they were blurry, and you couldn't go back in time to re-take them since the moment had passed.  Nina Badzin has a great post about balancing the memory and the memento, or really, not placing so much importance on capturing the moment but rather living it as if you'll never be able to revisit it again. ...more
@Lavender Luz Thank you for such a nice comment! As a fellow cast member I'm SURE you can ...more

So Much More Than a Show

 We all lined up waiting to walk out on stage. Fourteen of us. All beautiful in our own ways, inside and out. Then we started walking. I held my breath. I wasn’t really nervous. Just excited to finally share my story. One of my favorites I have ever written on this blog....more

Sweet Caroline

A few months ago, I wrote this blog post called "Caroline."  As you know, I submitted it to the producers of Listen To Your Mother.  And I was invited to audition.  And then I was cast.  And I practiced.  And I listened to 13 other amazing women share their stories.  And I laughed, and I cried.  And that was just during the rehearsal....more
Just gorgeous. Congratulations on your show!more

LTYM & the Dead Grandma Card

As several of my BFF's of the blogosphere prepared readings for the big LTYM Show that will take place this May 5th, a recurring question came up: How are you guys preparing for auditions? ...more

I'm Not Listening To Your Mother

I didn’t make the cast....more

Conference Corner: You're Invited! BlogHer '11 & 9 Open-to-All Parties

After a long day of education and inspiration at BlogHer ’11, we know that a lot of you are looking to unwind. For some, that’s dancing. For others, that’s chilling on the sofa. And for still others, it’s mingling and mixing with bloggers, networking to your heart’s content. But ... where do you go to do all that? BlogHer has the answer for you: Each night (Thursday, Friday and Saturday, August 4-6), we’ve got three fun parties lined up, just for you! PLUS, if even the word "party" makes you shudder, the Serenity Suite (which is exactly what it sounds like) will stay open late on Saturday night....more

Blogging Out Loud: Ann Imig Wants You to Listen to Your Mother

One of the things that makes BlogHer's community keynote so powerful is that the words pop off the screen as you hear them in the blogger's own voice. That was the idea behind Ann Imig's brain-child Listen to Your Mother, a mix of live and videotaped performances featuring the writing of motherhood bloggers. ...more

Melissa, the beauty and poignancy of your reading at the 09 keynote has stayed with me--not just ...more