For Listicle and Stupid Facebook Quiz Lovers

My “friends” on Facebook range from teenagers (children of good friends) to my 90-year old Granddaddy, and they live all over the globe. Some friends are unemployed, some are students, some are business execs, some are authors, some are scientists and a bunch I have no idea what they do. Yet, among all these disparate people, whose single common feature is at some point interacting with me, one thing is for certain. My FB friends love to post listicles and inane quizzes on their newsfeeds....more

The First Time

Now that Sandy has wreaked semi havoc on routine, it's time to put the pieces back in place. That was a heckuva thing - I doubted it would be that bad, and then Boom, Baby! The house was shaking and the cats were doing that kooky bad weather cat crawl.This week, Stasha asked us all to talk about our top ten first moments. In no particular order:...more
Love your list of firsts!! :)more