The Easter Bunny does not take requests

Kiddo has decided that he needs to write a list so the Easter Bunny knows what he wants in his Easter Basket. I have tried explaining that Easter is still 6 weeks away so there is plenty of time to think about it. I have told Kiddo the Easter Bunny does not take requests like Santa Claus. So far my words have fallen on deaf ears. Here is Kiddo's Easter basket wish list for the Easter Bunny....more

Greatest Female Guitarists of all time! via VenusZine Magazine

This article is a little old but I just stumbled upon it and figured it would be worth spreading the good news. As you know, usually when any magazine makes a "greatest of" list, unless it has the word "female" or "women" in it, you won't see any women on that list. So, I applaud Venus Zine for doing this, showing that there are plenty of amazing female guitarists out there and that they often get left out of those "great" lists. Even today, many people don't think girls can play the guitar (this usually means they can't electric rock guitar, if it's acoustic sappy stuff, that's ok), and if they do, they are "all right for a girl." They can't do solos, or play as fast...blah....blah...blah. As if playing "fast" is the height of musically and creativity. Please. Whatever. ...more

Don't get me wrong, I'm an Ani fan but to put her on a list of greatest female guitarists is ...more

Top 3 List

Just before Christmas, I went out for drinks with a friend from high school. We got to talking about relationships (both past and present) and the idea of men and women being "just friends" when suddenly he mentioned something about a Top 3 List.I stopped him in mid-sentence and asked him to explain. He looked at me as though I were crazy. Apparently, many guys (and some women) have a Top 3 List of the best lovers they've had in their lifetime....more


it's in the small things

I don't require a lot for a GOOD day. Now, a PERFECT day? There's an extra set of requirements for that. ;) What are your requirements for a good (or perfect) day? A good night's restThe foundation for (almost) all of my good days lies in the night that came before them. Smiles from my guysPaul and Graybaybay. My life just isn't complete without them anymore. Family smiles, laughs and big wet baby kisses. That's the stuff. ...more

Want To Demystify All This

My experience here at HerBlog has already been very positive. I’m very grateful and excited that I’ve received comments and feedback, and from some incredible and amazing women, no less. ...more

Days of Grace: 39/365, which helped me pass the time last night when I couldn’t sleep. Dollhouse rocks! protonix, which finally killed the horrible reflux that kept me up coffee (and the cute coffee guy), the only reason why I’m functioning right now on 3 hours of sleep My brain, which kicks ass at recognizing good stories that the media will pick up, one of the best things about the Internet. Not only have I bought and sold hundreds of dollars of stuff on CL, Steve found ...more

2 days and counting

Well, I don't know about you, but here I am three no, TWO days before Christmas and I still have my  major shopping to do. I haven't even planned Christmas dinner. I read all of these wonderful articles telling me I should be prepared, three weeks before Christmas make a list of all the people you wish to buy presents for. I always start the list. Then I get to thinking about shopping, and usually end of throwing the list at the wall. I am not a shopper. I have always wondered if that made me a traitor  to womenhood or something. ...more

A Bulleted List Will Soothe Your Holiday Soul

As young as eight years old I was a list maker. I would wake up on weekend or summer mornings and chart my day via a list of To Do items. Sometimes, if I felt particularly OCD, I would allot specific amounts of time to each task. As an adult, I still make lists. They soothe my soul. Each list is a an opportunity to organize my day and feel productive as I check off each item. (Quick tip: The first item on your list should be Make a list. After you make the list, you already have something to check off!) ...more

The Power of the List Your First Step to Saving Big at the Grocery Store

What’s for dinner tonight? This is possibly the most asked, yet least answered question out there. And then with sports, dance rehearsals, and working late, it’s a wonder anyone ever eats after lunch. ...more

Deep & Simple

In bookstores everywhere it only takes about half a minute to glance around and see book titles referencing lists of things to do or see before you die.  These types of books have been around for quite some time, but a few of us actually had a list long before Oprah and every one else began promoting them.  My list dates back to my college days and at 47, I’m only about a third of the way through it.  While I’ve crossed off and enjoyed a goodly few of the important ones, at ...more