Early Pooh Manuscript Found!

Fresh on the heels of new books by Harper Lee and the late Theodor Geisel, comes rumor of another exciting literary discovery, this time from the estate of A.A. Milne, author of the beloved children’s series, Winnie-the-Pooh....more

5 Feminist Books For Which To Be Thankful

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I am thankful for a lot things: my husband, my children, my job, and my friends. But one thing I am always -- every day -- grateful for is books. Up until my adoption-- at the age of eight -- I had not known books or the stories that lay in wait for me when I turned the pages. But as an immigrant in the US in the early 80s, books are what saved me from isolation and disconnectedness. Here are my favorite books -- books that have taught me to be brave and what it means to be empowered....more

Only 10 Books?

So I guess there's this meme on facebook - I've seen a couple of its incarnations and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to list 10 "favorite" books or 10 books that have had some sort of impact on my life or what.I guess it means I'll just make up my own rules, which is better anyway.Also? How do you narrow it down to just 10? Hundreds of books have impacted my life, for better or worse, so I guess I'll just list the first 10 that occur to me - in no particular order. ...more
hieronymus It's such a great story...even if you could just get them to watch the movie, Charly, ...more

Another Post About Proust

If you are wondering why there is a sudden barrage of posts from me, and you didn't see the badge down at the lower left hand side of this blog, be aware that I am participating in NaBloPoMo. That's National Blog Posting Month. The idea is to commit to putting up a post every single day in November....more

Complete and Utter Fluff.

A brief parody(e). ...more

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz/ Oz The Great and Powerful; How To Make Hot Roasted Peanuts

"Sit down, please, there are plenty of chairs; and I will tell you my story."So they sat down and listened while he told the following tale."I was born in Omaha--""Why, that isn't very far from Kansas!" cried Dorothy."No, but it's farther from here," he said, shaking his head at her sadly. "When I grew up I became a ventriloquist,and at that I was very well trained by a great master. I can imitate any kind of a bird or beast." Here he mewed so...more

Anna Karenina; Poularde à l’Estragon (Tarragon Chicken) recipe

The Tartar, remembering Stepan Arkadyich's manner of not naming dishes from the French menu, did not repeat after him, but gave himself the pleasure of repeating the entire order from the menu: 'Soupe printanière, turbot, sauce Beaumarchais, poulard à l'estragon, macédoine de fruits...' and at once, as if on springs, laid aside one bound menu, picked up another, the wine list, and offered it to Stepan Arkadyich.-Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy...more

Wherein I Use My Powers for Evil...

Wanna hear something really stupid?  I often fear what people might say or think about me.According to some of my recent Psychology professors, that makes me both narcissistic AND paranoid. Awesome.    Read more at The Process....more

Orlando vs. Orlando: Divorcing the Literature from the Film

One of the final assignments for my Critical Theory Literature class was a compare and contrast of Orlando the Virginia Woolf story and Orlando the movie based on it. Six hundred to one thousand words about how they stack up to one another. Easy peasy, eh?Hmm....more