Another Romper.

Right, so at this point should I just rename the blog That Girl in the Onesie? Or maybe Romper Room? She Who Romps?...more
OHH i'm loving that black romper!more

Black Out.

I rarely say no to an all-black outfit. There’s a classic coolness to it that is hard to resist.A floaty black dress with pockets from Lovers + Friends was a go-to for a girl’s night out while in Houston a few weeks back. I just pulled the dress out of my suitcase, shook it out, and slipped it on. Black patent pumps, a few gold pieces of jewelry, red lips, and wavy been-at-the-pool-all-day hair finished the look....more

Little Black Dress vs. Little White Dress

Everyone has their favorite little black dress. You know the one- It’s the dress for when you want to look fabulous, have nothing else to wear, and you know a few spilled drops of wine are imminent, but they will go unnoticed. Rejoice!The LBD is great. It’s easy, and you can get away with not ironing the thing! It’s safe. Or so you think....more

The Best Valentine's Day Dresses for Your Perfect Romantic Evening

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One dress that every woman should have

Have you ever heard of Little Black dress? Because the “little black dress” is considered an essential piece to a complete wardrobe. Basically every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. What Little Black Dress is:...more

Little Black Dress Workout

With Holiday parties right around the corner, it’s time to think about breaking out our favorite LBD (Little Black Dress). Each of us has our very own LBD that is the perfect combination of fit and personality. It’s the staple item in every woman’s closet.  So, to be sure you rock your LBD this Holiday season, try adding one or more of these sculpting exercises to your routine!...more

Little Black "DRESS"Mas

Holiday parties are upon us and today I am excited to share with you one of my favorite (and so simple) recipes to bring along to a holiday potluck.  Now I can't take credit for this recipe; in fact, my sister-in-law introduced it to me over two years ago at a football party (and my awesome sister helped me make it for today's blog), but I do love it and can vouch for how delicious it is!...more
I love a dress with pockets. :)more

Sugarlips Look of the Day

The countdown is near. Have you bought all your gifts yet? If not, we have the perfect gift for your sister or cousin that is under $30! This year, give them a gift that is a necessary item to have in your closet - The Sleeveless Cutout Dress (on sale for $21!), a perfect little black dress which is a form fitting scoop neck dress with mesh insert at the left thigh....more

Why You Need a Little Black Dress

I am a relentless advocate of the carefully edited closet; I believe that the pieces in your wardrobe should move easily from work to weekend and from day to evening. But I also believe that there are pieces -- yoga pants, for example -- that cannot do multiple duty (yoga pants are not dress up clothes, under any circumstances, ever). Most often, we are willing to buy super casual pieces that cannot be dressed up, but we balk at buying dressy pieces, because they can't be repurposed for the grocery or the office or the sofa. ...more

I live in little black shifts... it's my go to these days. I have way too many actually. But so ...more