Little League Lessons

If you have athletically-inclined children who, for one reason or another, enjoy running and spitting and adjusting their cups, often at the same time, then you probably understand my fear and trepidation. Youth sports are anxiety-inducing torture sessions with parents who make The Great Santini seem supportive.Yet, if our children want to play and even promise to take out the trash twice a week without complaint, what can we do?...more

The Decline of Baseball - And Why It Matters

Years ago I read the book A Reasonable Life: Toward a Simpler, Secure, More Sane Existence by Ference Matte.  In this book, Matte laments the loss of simple pleasures, among them baseball.  He compares the joys of a Sunday afternoon pick-up game to the intense, high stakes sport that kids play today....more

11 things to do in the outfield during a Little League game

    Watching my daughter playing baseball in Little League, I'm always amused at what the children who are supposed to be all "eyes on the ball" are really doing out there. Usually, nothing baseball-related in the least. Now of course, these are 4-, 5-, and 6-year-olds. But they sure do make sitting there for an hour or more a little more entertaining!...more

Little League's First Girl

An unsung American hero played on a bittersweet field where the personal intersected sharply with the political. Thanks to her, there are now over 300,000 girls playing Little League.  ...more

My Baseball Playing Girl is Chasing Chelsea Baker...

"What the! Ump are you blind? You need to go see an eye doctor!" or  "Really? Really, come on now!" and my favorite "THAT'S RIGHT! BABY GIRL JUST LIKE THAT!"  All words yelled from my mouth this baseball season as I watched my girl pitch in the Little League Majors. She did not get the opportunity to pitch much considering the coach had grandsons on the team. Actually I hated the way she was often treated, but kept it status quo at the request of my daughter and did not go ape poop on people. After all this was her time not mine....more

Baseball Mitt (and losing my mind as a parent)

It was a recent Friday night, and I got rid of the kid.  The Taz’ friend in Windsor asked if he could spend the night after school.  Actually, it was more like his friend’s MOM asked....more

Today, I want to live here: The ballpark

I think one of the most marvelous places to be is in a ballpark. A professional park. A Little League park. In a city or a pasture. Full house or sparse crowd. Pays me no mind. All I need is a hot dog and a Coke....more

My Cup Runneth Over (or perhaps it's upside down?)

It’s baseball season again. New coach, new kids, new parents to meet. Standing at the fence, “Which one is yours?” I’m asked.“The one that is having a hard time adjusting to wearing a cup,” I answer. “Oh, yes, I see him,“ the other mom says with instantaneous understanding. He’s easily identifiable, uncomfortable as he is. (And some day, he’ll so love that I wrote about this.)...more