Final Prep.

Labor Day weekend is upon us… Quickest season ever, am I right? Always over too soon.American Prep was kind enough to loan me the perfect dress for a summer send-off: white and linen with a deep V. Bye bye, summer, and hello, pumpkin spice lattes.Jazzed things up a touch with a bright red stone necklace (worn under the dress so it peaked out just so) and those leopard pumps I’m obsessed with. A pop of color + print to keep things interesting without taking away from the ease of the dress....more

Little White Lies.

There are school buses chugging around my neighborhood and “Back to School” banners everywhere– a sure sign fall weather will be here before we know it. So get your little white dresses in while you can, ladies, because summer is winding down.Not that I’m opposed to bending that “no white after Labor Day” rule, but the short white cocktail dresses in summer-weight fabrics should likely take a backseat to heavier, more seasonably-appropriate winter white once the fall settles in....more

Little Black Dress vs. Little White Dress

Everyone has their favorite little black dress. You know the one- It’s the dress for when you want to look fabulous, have nothing else to wear, and you know a few spilled drops of wine are imminent, but they will go unnoticed. Rejoice!The LBD is great. It’s easy, and you can get away with not ironing the thing! It’s safe. Or so you think....more