Be Your Own Celebrity

As a young girl, I had dreams of being an entertainer. I loved music, I loved dancing and when my brother's friend's brother gave me the number to a modeling agency in NYC I just knew an entertainer was what I would be when I grew up. However, the cost of professional pictures, the prospect of shuffling me wherever I would need to be for a modeling gig, and my parent's wish of my siblings and I completing school and attending college quieted my dream. I stuck my ideas on the backburner....more

Song of the Week

There are only 86,400 seconds in a day. So live each one to its fullest. Live each second to its fullest and live like you are dying. That is the theme of this week's song of the week A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

Live One With All

Lk. 4:16-30 People became angry with Jesus in the Gospel today because he called for "mercy" for all, where they believed in"mercy" for themselves and "vengeance" upon their enemies.  I have looked at myself, and see the same dyamic and as i have grown into seeing mercy for all I find my life more alive, more aware, more compassionate.  Why not call up our leaders to extend "mercy" to all?  Will Tuttle sums it up: ...more

Realizations from a Real Nobody

Realizations from a Real Nobody has just realized that in our pursuit of happiness we end up on the wrong lane with the wrong results trying to convince the outside we have it right and I keep asking myself why?...more

Winding Down

It's Friday and the week is winding down.  I've had a busy, interesting one about you?To tell you the truth, I am flat out exhausted.  Mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted.  I feel like I've been beat up this week without any respite.  The blows just seemed to keep coming and coming and coming....more


However mean your life is, meet it and live it,do not shun it and call it hard names. ~~~...more

Purchase Power

“So, here is what I am thinking,” my husband Marc said to me one morning, as he pulled papers out of his laptop bag.  “I think we need to replace the shower doors in our bathroom.” “Why?” I asked. ...more
 @HomeRearedChef  Tell me about it... You guys sound like us... We do our weekly shopping there ...more

On The Path To "Real Food"

I welcome all comments! Shelia Harris Life Everyday!...more

Never forgetting.........

I lost my grandfather from Parkinson’s, what a horrific disease. It’s been over a month now and still so surreal, an extremely appalling dream that I cannot wake from.  My grandmother is left on this world to pick up the pieces and move-on from a 56-year marriage. I cannot fathom the idea of coping, cannot wrap my head around the emotions she encountering. Her entire life revolved around him; doctor’s appointments, feedings, medications, and grooming....more

Paralyzed by Fear

Why do we allow fear to hinder us from doing anything? Fear can take complete control of your body, mentally and physically – always uncomfortable. How does one take control over their exaggerated emotions? This blog surfaced from a fear to ride on my husband’s new Harley. But let me first socialize my previous motorcycle experiences. I’ve been a “biker-girl” in the past and utterly enjoyed myself. Moreover rode sports bikes (crotch rockets if you will), always hunched-over and arms wrapped around my man. Furthermore, that was almost ten years ago. Does fear come with age, maturity?...more

Yes mission accomplished……I swallowed my fears and rode the bike last night. Those “little ...more