Is pre-recorded the new live?

Just like how professional wrestling is fake, is professional live gig also, becoming fake these days? ...more

Creating relevance through music

“We Are the world, We are the Children” : These lyrics take us down the memory lane, about 15 years back in time when we first heard the album USA for Africa. Ever since then, the concept of playing for a cause has always been close to our heart....more

How We Can Learn to Live From the Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Do you have a "bucket list" or "life list" that you think about -- things you would like to do before your life is through? A lot of people do, including me. Mine includes traveling to Mauritius and Seychelles with my family. Have you ever thought about how your list would change when the end of your life is imminent? ...more
Awesome post! I agree with all of them. I promised myself I would do better, but sometimes life ...more