Would You Tweet a Birth? Would You Bring Your Laptop to the Delivery Room?

In addition to considering which people you want in the delivery room, women giving birth today also need to contend with what technology to bring to the stirrups. I'm not talking about sonograms or epidural pumps. There are Twitter, Facebook, and blogging to consider. There are cell phones, computers, Blackberries, iPhones, cameras and Flip videos to trot out. People are livestreaming their birth experience! ...more
I updated my blog throughout my labor. Easy to do with wifi and a laptop, and I have no regrets!more

Live-Blogs From BlogHer '08

Watch the space below as we continually update the links with live-blogs from each of the BlogHer '08 sessions! * * * * * * * Day One - July 18, 2008 Break-Out Session #1 Who We Are: Introversion, Blogging and BlogHer What We Do: Taking Care of Business ...more

At the Race & Gender
session at BlogHer ‘08, ...more

NCAA Limits Live Blogging: I Didn't See That One Coming

When somebody would ask me what I thought of last night's football game I always thought that it was a hilarious joke to reply I'm sorry. I cannot discuss that without the express prior written consent of the NFL. Okay. I still think that is pretty funny, but you know what I don't think is funny? The NCAA is putting limits on live blogging their events. In order to live blog a NCAA sponsored sporting event a person has to be credentialed and now there are limits on how many times a journalist can post during a game. ...more

Clearly I meant regulate and what kinds of precedents ARE these going to set.

Or ...more