Stop Trying to Rush Life

“To rush is to miss the experience” ― Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel  I notice something every year around Labor Day, which as you know always falls on the first Monday of September.Everyone wants it to be fall....more

Now and Then and Later

The Zen philosophy of life is to live in the moment. Don’t look behind you, don’t look ahead – just exist in the now, this very minute, where you stand, sit or tumble. Live as if today was the last day of your life. Live life to the fullest and never let yourself fall into the trap of “what if” or “maybe someday.”...more

Change… The Only Constant

Hi All, Yesterday was a busy and fun day. Massage was wonderful. Lunch was yummy. Disney on Ice was… well… fun for the kids! The evening didn’t end successfully with my two year old barfing all over my bed after coughing for three straight hours. Exhausted this morning! But back to the Blog. Today is a very gloomy day in Montreal, so perhaps that’s why today’s Blog is a little more introspective. ...more

How Fragile Life Truly Is

Hi Ladies. I had a few things I wanted to cover today, so this one will be a bit of a mixed bowl. ...more