Tool Rocks the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

A few weeks ago my boyfriend "reminded" me that we had tickets to the second of two sold out Tool shows in San Francisco. Not realizing he had never told me about the tickets to begin with, his "reminder" was actually an invitation. I was ecstatic! I'm the kind of girl that calls a night out to the Tool show a date night. Don't get me wrong - there are no songs brimming with lovers' adoration or catchy lyrics you might possibly hear later in a pistachio commercial, but it's It's transcendence. It's everything....more

Pics From My Weekend 1/21

Hey y'all! How is everyone? Things are great around here!How was your weekend?Mine was a blast!! So much to share, so I decided to tell the story through pictures ...Friday Night. Concert time!!My friend Rory is a band and they played Friday night. One of their openers was Sports & Leisure....more

I'll Dig a Tunnel From My Window to Yours

The blogging has been light lately, hasn't it? Life kind of takes over sometimes. I'll be doing something like traveling, or planting flowers, or holding someone's baby or hanging out with friends and think, I really should write a blog about this, it's wonderful, I should share. ...more

Amazing Jazz Artist- Kenny Garrett

Kenny Garrett is killin’! Kenny’s live show has begged for a recording for years. The band seems to always be in flux but whomever is behindhim is always blowing. Pharoah Sanders joins Kenny from this live show recording at the Iridium in Manhattan. ...more