8 Toxic Thoughts to Let Go of & What To Replace Them With

Realize that nothing in the world can provide you with peace and happiness.-Swami ParthasarathyBeing the romantic that I am, I often like to think about going back and giving my younger self some kind of advice, some little bite of wisdom that might change the past. For instance but not limited to: "that guy is going to turn out to be a total loser" or "black pleather pants will look really silly in your school picture."...more
I think we can all relate to some of these - 3 for me - and it is nice to get some insight on ...more


WASTED TIME….REWIND………STARTING YOUR LIFE OVER….I often hear people say “If only I could live my life over……” and I think many of us have said that…..Wasted time…..How would we live life over…? Would we do exactly what we did, some of what we did, or change most of what we did? Everyone likely has a different answer…...more

Blogging Your Best Life: The Cult of Oprah

Whether you enjoy the Oprah Winfrey empire or would rather pass, it's undeniable that Winfrey is a force to be reckoned with. It is a hard admission for me to make as a pop-culture aficionado that I do not actually have a television. ...more

I would rather stick something sharp in my eye than watch Oprah. All of her stuff seems so ...more