Love Me Don’t Leave Me Part Two – The Dating Years

In part one of Love Me Don’t Leave Me, I write about how close to the bone several of the toxic childhood schemas were for me and the general effect of issues thereof for many years. I mention my current strong, healthy  relationships – thank God - and how I got married as one person and got divorced as another when I’d salvaged enough of my true self from my primary pain. What I didn’t delve into was how, until recently, I feel “my story” was a third wheel on most of my dates. #Goodfuckingtimes....more
michelle_skeen Thank you! Reviewing LMDLM made me look at my own stuff with new eyes. It's a ...more

What Too Long Should Say Very Quickly to You.

So here we go, way back again to the dark days freshly post BMX when I was trying to be all egalitarian and shit and was still…wait for this…naïve enough to assume: “Well, he probably looks better in person.” as in making an ass of me, myself and I. Sigh....more

Why One of These Boyz is Not Like the Others.

I don’t even know how to begin talking about that time and that guy…when I first went back on and met BMX, my hit and run lover....more