I Couldn’t Even Begin To Think About Knowing How To Answer That Question

 Sometimes in Costa Rica things don’t go precisely as planned -- image that ...more

An Expat in France... Living The Dream?...My Derrière!!!

Hi or maybe that should be Salut!Welcome to my inaugural  blog post, to be honest I'm not a writer nor trying to reinvent myself as one, but hopefully you will find I have something to offer in sharing our expat life (and the experiences of others) from France. ...more

Keeping up with the California Girl in me.

HOW do I keep up with the California girl in me after 3 decades in a foreign country?                                                                                &...more

What Time is it in China? An American Family Abroad

Thanks for this slice of your life in China!more

Revisiting Pandora's [Travel] Box

Revisiting Pandora's [Travel] Box My mind wandered to all of the cliché European images I would see when I taught abroad. For me, abroad meant Europe. Dominican Republic never crossed my mind. Isn't that an island people vacation to and book all-inclusive packages for? That isn't a place where people actually live and work, is it?...more

Life Abroad: 6 Interesting Places to Live for Female American Expats

Do you find your life running the course of an all too familiar pattern. I sometimes re-evaluate my own life, location, and the things I do on a day to day basis and chalk it up if I'm being too complacent. I always consider that there are many interesting places in the world and too many I haven't gotten the chance to visit. Each country has it benefits and drawbacks, but some are more interesting than others. If you’re an American expat like me, there are several places you should consider for work, retirement, and more....more
Super Post ~ from one an American Expat living in Germnay! Cheers!more

Swastikas in Korea

A white woman, pushing forty, with a fanny-pack wrapped around her waist and an umbrella tilted back in unison with her neck, gasps at the symbol above her head.  It is a giant swastika, painted the color of blood, at the entrance of a historic temple in Pohang, South Korea.  The woman, an obvious visitor from another land, shakes her head and mumbles something incoherent but indisputably interpreted as a sign of condemnation. She continues on her path through the Bogyeongsa Temple, uninterested in getting the story behind the “obscene” symbol....more

Spain, I Love You

I love you, I love you notDear Spain,...more
I haven't been to Spain, but you make it sound so lovely. Plus, any place where you feel you can ...more

Finding Home: Unpacking My Library in Iceland

Last fall, Mark and I left New York City and moved to Iceland. We left a city with population of over eight million for a whole country with a population of 319,000. We made the move because, nearing 30 - when many of our peers are transitioning into their lifetime careers, settling in relationships, and starting families - I discovered that I was passionate enough about this tiny’s country’s amazing literature that I wanted to learn Icelandic myself. (One day, I’ll translate Icelandic literature into English.)...more
@Nomadic Chick Thanks--I'm glad you enjoyed it! Have you lived in a lot of different places ...more