Stop Asking About My Uterus: I'm Child-Free for My Own Reasons

I am twenty-right, married, and childless. As a result, I get a lot of questions from friends and strangers alike, most of them variations on the theme "When are you having children?" Some people are polite in their interest; others are considerably more nosy about the matter. Sometimes, these questions come from people who love me. Other times, they come from mere acquaintances, at best. Sometimes, people are willing to drop the matter after a few moments. Other times,people keep pressing for information. ...more
Sometimes, people are just stuck in their own reality. If said reality involves having children ...more

Opting Out

Today my maid asked me why I don’t have children, and I told her we are saving money and have only been married for a short amount of time. Then she asked how old I am. 29. At that, she proudly informed me that she had her first child at 18 years of age and was in labor for two days. “What kind of endorsement of motherhood is that?” I wondered as she continued to tell me that I should hurry up and have children before it’s too late. My answer that we’re saving money is like a white lie. We are saving money, but frankly I am not in any hurry to become a ...more

I've got nothin'...

Well, that’s not true. I have “lots.” I just don’t know if I’m ready or brave enough or comfortable enough to share. What will people think about the fact... Read More ...more

Peanut Butter Embryos--Sticky or Super Sticky Varieties

The summer between my sophomore and junior year of college, I went to Oslo for three weeks to accompany a friend on a camping trip and ended up backing out at last minute. There I was, stuck in Norway, with several skeins of yarn and an apartment at my disposal, but no food. I went to the supermarket to pick up some ingredients so I could make dinner and after hitting the fruits and vegetables, quickly became lost when I entered the land of cartons and cans. ...more

Not only do we need to choose between brands, and then smooth or chucky, we have to decided what ...more

Wolves in Duck Clothing: The Tyra Banks Show Guide to Infertility

If it looks like a duck and it walks like a duck then the saying goes that it's probably a duck. But what do you do when trusted infertility organizations are duped by a wolf in a duck costume? Or a duck-wolf hybrid? Or...since this analogy is falling apart since there is nothing duck-like about sensationalism, what do you do when producers from the Tyra Banks Show deceive major infertility organizations and potential interviewees alike in an effort to elicit tears and boost ratings in our schadenfreude-like culture? ...more

As I wrote when I first heard about this talk show abomination: I've long suspected, but now it ...more