Living With A Chronic Illness

 Awoken by the soft mewing of a newborn's cry, I turned over and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Before my feet reached the floor, shards of glass pierced through my heels. I could barely walk. This was a nightmare I couldn't wake up from.As the mother of 6 young children, I was clearly unprepared for the reality I was facing. In an instant, I was thrust into someone else's life. Someone I did not recognize....more

Chronic Illness - To Share Or Not To Share

I have had a tough go of pretending I don't suffer from a chronic illness (or two) these past few months. There was a day where I actually posted about having a seizure on facebook. My husband was not pleased. His mother called him about it to check on me. The horror!...more
@Twixmixy thanks! I think we all want to show "our best sides" but it can get out of hand and ...more

Purses With Power!!

Last weekend, my sister, OZL, and I flew to Pennsylvania for our cousin's wedding near Pittsburgh....more

Creativity From the Couch

This is a project done while I was relegated to the couch during my recent extended flare up of fibromyalgia and pain. One of the things that I dreaded about flare ups was that my ability and energy for creating would drastically drop or disappear altogether. I wanted and needed a way to work around that when it happened.I decided to organize a few supplies that I could easily access, keep near me on the couch, and use on my roughest days. I repurposed several large styrofoam meat trays - the kind you get when you buy a family pack of meat....more

Being Chronically Awesome Today, And Everyday

What I love about being Chronically Awesome: It's not about being out of anything, it's not about being owed anything, about pity, about handouts. Being Chronically Awesome is all about doing what you can, with what you have. It's about having the best attitude you can pull together on a given day.  Being Chronically Awesome may mean you have Depression or ADHD, Fibromyalgia, MS, or Lupus. It's about dealing with chronic illness on the terms that suit your life. ...more
It is the little things we take for granted and make such a difference. more

Rare Disease Day 2012

Missing the Moment


Invisible Illness Week: 30 Things Meme

Do you have an invisible illness? IF you do, join the 30 Things Meme. Or, surf some of the participants to learn more about people who have invisible illnesses....more
@maranda Because my GP thought maybe I had rheumatoid arthritis, there was a bunch of testing to ...more

Like It Or Lump It: Discussing Your Life on the Internet

I was 17 when I first opened up about the various issues going on in my life in a public forum.  I remember getting some hateful comments, but the majority of people were supportive.  Fast forward almost 10 years, and it almost seems like the tables have turned.  As our lives are shared more and more, outsiders begin to feel the need to critique the goings on in our lives.  By having blogs, twitter accounts, etc., we do technically open ourselves up to the criticism.  We don't, however, open ourselves up to hateful remarks, ignorance, etc....more

I love what you have to say here. I tend to take the same approach to people who leave ...more

Post Transplant

Hi, I'm new to BlogHer, and interested in meeting other post transplant patients.  I received a kidney transplant a little over a year ago, and am adjusting to a more normal physical life, while trying to deal with the mind-fuckedness of being post transplant (still dealing with some health issues, but in a much less visible way, looming deadline of the organ expiring, etc.).Anyone else dealing with something similar?Lucky