A Difficult Question

A fellow Fibro-mite recently asked a question that had me thinking about the answer for a LONG time. She asked "If you could choose to live pain free for the rest of your life or find your true love/soulmate which would you choose?" Well... this seems like a very easy question to answer, right? I bet you all know what answer I would pick, right? So... who thinks I answered this question saying I'd want to live pain free for the rest of my life?!?Well... those of you that thought that are....WRONG!...more

We are Indefatigable!

http://dawnns-fibroblog.blogspot.com/2013/10/we-are-indefatigable.html  Dawn Sdawn@runningwith.org...more

Thanks, Thanks & No Thanks

Last Friday, when I first started my blog I had no idea how popular it would be. I've had so many messages, emails and tweets from people who have thanked me for helping them understand, for teaching them about something they've never heard of and for making them think differently about invisible illness. So, my first 'Thanks' goes to all you readers, celebs and people who retweeted, posted links and even included my posts on some of their online newspapers!! ...more

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." -M. Kathleen Casey

 My illness may have my body, but it will never conquer my soul. - Jennism   ...more