A Little Bit of Perspective

Like most people, I  occasionally find myself in the trap  of "Keeping Up with the Joneses".  It's so easy to whine about the fact that we can't take that vacation this winter because the windows needed to be replaced, or bemoan the fact that my closet is a shadow of what it once was. In these trying times in our country, so many people are without work, health care, or even a home to live in.  That in itself is enough to put things into perspective.  ...more
Reading this right after the blog post about kids' parties and goodie bags... Wonderful post. I ...more

Site says go ahead, criticize your neighbor-- for the benefit of prospective home buyers

One thing about the Web—you never know what you’ll find. For some home buyers, a new site might be even better than a low interest rate. I don't remember how I found the site that lets you post information about your neighbors—I was in a late night click and surf state of mind—but once I got there, I was hooked. Right at the top of the page, there’s a search form where you put in your zip code. Click on the search button, and presto, a map with virtual push pins pops up. “This has to be the trashiest apartment complex in Jacksonville,” one guest wrote. ...more

My comments box is strange this morning, but I'm amazed they put someone's name there;
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