Are You Living Your Life Deliberately on Purpose?

Are you living your life deliberately on purpose? Or are you simply reacting to what life throws at you? I recently had to ask myself this same question…...more

Why Occupy Wall Street?

Here at Life Flipping, I frequently write about living deliberately. Most of the time, by “living deliberately,” I am referring to the importance of really thinking about our values and goals and inspirations - the elements in our lives that can bring us joy and peace - and continually actively making changes that will allow their realization. Living deliberately involves discipline. Often, it has to do with recognizing when our natural tendencies and intuitive ways of thinking are holding us back from living more freely....more

BlogHer Network Member News: Annie's Eats in Indianapolis Woman Magazine + More

Annie's Eats was included in a small feature published in this month's issue of Indianapolis Woman Magazine about local food blogs....more

The Future is Here

“Imagine all the people…Living life in peace…Nothing to kill or die for…...more

The Sacred Feminine

“The Sacred Feminine is a term we use for the mysterious source of all life, the wellspring of creation. The Big SHE. The Feminine Force that births both male and female forms. The Circle that contains both yin and yang” (The Sacred Feminine)....more