WHEN I AM 100…..I sure would love to live to 100 and be healthy, drive a car, and continue to love life the way I do…….My goal in life is to make it that far….Sure there is some downside to living that long such as losing many friends along the way…..and yet I hope I am here to share my wealth of wisdom through the years to as many as I can touch…..Yes, I hope to live to 100….....more

Recipe for a well rounded woman

We women come in all shapes and sizes. Some women are tall, and stunningly well proportioned. Some women are petite, and spend their lives cutting three feet from their pants bottoms to avoid shopping in the junior department. There are those of us who are “genetically fluffy”. Most women fall somewhere in between....more
Carolina, I found this blog fun and entertaining. I simply enjoyed reading it. Totally cool!more

Milestones worth celebrating

Milestones for celebratingAfter a while, you will find that I write just as I would talk to a friend. I have to go around my toosh to get to my elbow. I take the scenic route! Yes, I'm a long winded southern gal with the accent to match. So, stick with me here, there is a point.Birthdays mark the anniversary of each year we have lived since birth. Hopefully, we, and those who know us, celebrate these days! Some birthdays are cause for reflection, and can give us a much needed kick in the toosh. They help us get back on the path we are meant to travel....more
I'm sorry I just saw this, but please accept my "Happy Belated Birthday" to Toots. Last year I ...more

How To Stop Aging

Recently I have re-connected on Facebook with a business friend. He has sent me as a teaser a picture from our “olden – but golden” days, suggesting it was just few years ago. I had a temptation to correct him, the photo was taken already at least 17 years ago… Did I feel old realizing it was so long? And what about my authenticity? How much have I lost it because of my age or due to the top management expectations during my professional career?Aging is a topic most of us hesitate to talk about. But the curve of aging is linked with learning....more

The Living and the Dead 2

I have always had an interest in the paranormal.  UFO’s, ghosts, and anything else that seemed to be beyond the realm of possibility drew me like a moth to a flame.  My conservative parents weren’t interested, though, and that squelched my interest in to some extent.  As I got older, I began to have my own experiences that were outside what I considered normal, and my interests were piqued again.  <--break--> ...more

This One, This One

There’s this scent that I want to purchase. It’s magnetizing, deep, fresh, and $46 per 1/8 of an ounce. I’ve been debating the purchase for almost a week now. I’ve been to the boutique where I found it twice now to try it on, let it mingle with my body chemistry. And we've got it, me and Moonstone, that thing that makes the air tingle pleasantly and dance right up to the nose. For some reason the price doesn’t seem to be enough to deter me from my longing. ...more

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone (and hopefully not into dog poop)

Last week, I had an epiphany. Well, actually, it's been brewing for some time: the feeling that life is passing me by while I work at my dead end job and go through the motions each day, mired in mediocrity and surrounded by the familiar. Well, that's all about to change! As I said in a recent Tweet: "I'm at the point in life where I want to accumulate experiences rather than things." (Is that more than 140 characters? I hope not, since I typed it from memory).... ...more

What Would You Wish You Had Accomplished if Today Were Your Last Day?

I often talk about living life fully. You can approach life in this manner by adopting the attitude that this day could be your last. ...more