My Green Life (Mi Verde Vida)

First, before I begin with today's first official NaBloPoMo Prompt, I'd like to announce that The Zen Lounge has been listed under Love, Lust & Lipstick Stains "Reads of The Week!"  Check out their website to find out even more!Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you'd love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?...more

Green Laundry Tips: Save the Earth, Your Money, and Your Fancy Jeans

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times. Living in a way that’s environmentally responsible doesn’t require us to be extremists. It doesn’t require us to completely deprive ourselves, either. The reality is that we all have to be able to live in this world we’ve created. That means we have to do all sorts of things that use energy and pollute the Earth every day....more

14 Simple Tips for Sustainable Living

Moms and dads: remember the 4 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink1. Compost all organic scraps and leftovers from your kitchen and garden including lawn clippings. Stay away from breads and meats as it may attract rats to your composter and home.2. Use plants to filter air instead of an electric air filter: Use natural or ‘organic’ home cleaners: Use less or no Styrofoam...more

Plastic Recycling by the Numbers

 Are you confused about which plastics recycle?  I always figured, if it's plastic shouldn't they accept it at my local recycling center?  For awhile I went to one that did accept it, but didn't pay for some of it.  That was okay with me.  I mean, I figured that as long as it wasn't ending up in the landfill I was doing my part, right?  I was dismayed to discover that many small recycling centers accept all of your plastics and then just dump those that they don't handle into the landfill after all....more

My Edible Green Garden Is Made Safe from the Ever Plundering Deer

Incredible that my vegetable garden of heirloom tomatoes and bell peppers, sugar pumpkins, baskets of lemon and sweet basil and heirloom lettuce, rosemary and golden and purple sage, a thriving blackberry bush, and serranos and jalapeños is now pronounced “safe” from the ever hungry, plundering deer. With sound ingenuity and hustling muscle we’ve managed to keep these ever bottomless-pits at-bay, while keeping “green” with the environment, for all residing animals concerned: deer, rabbits, cats, song birds, hummingbirds, honey bees, and lizards....more
 @Isabel_Anders LOL! Star Trek technology is a GREAT idea!!    :)more

My Whimsical Garden Is Flourishing Green

What a delight it is to care for my garden, whimsical and flourishing green. Though in the brilliant heat of the sun I stand and squat and kneel and reach, happiest I am when I water and weed. Here, within my whimsical, green garden, I feel that much closer to God’s heart; for here I have found my oasis, long-overdue rest for my tired and parched spirit. Amidst my flourishing green garden, I see the beauty of God’s artistry, and I answer to His call to rest. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28....more
 @ropcorn You are very welcome, Alexandra, and thank YOU for your visit. It is always so very ...more

Living Green? Don't Be Weird about It

While I rarely involve myself in groupie things, I participate now and then when the reason is right....more

It's My Family And I'll Stop If I Want To

How do I say this without coming across as a shrill, judgmental wack-a-do who should learn to rise above the fray and just move on up? I am not sure there is even a way so I will simply proceed and be done with it.   Last week and last month and last year I was lucky enough to be graced with the concerns of a few other parents who felt that they truly needed to express their opinions on my decision and my husband’s decision to only have one child.  ...more

Colorful Collage Cluster Bottles

Colorful Collage Cluster Bottles...more

how much would you change?

Artwork by Aaron Piland What if your electric company said they were going to help you get smart?  I think mine is about to.  I could use the help right now.  I was part of ...more