Giving up plastic: Not so easy? What do you think?

This post is supposed to be about "easy ways to reduce plastic use." But really, what's so easy about that? These days, our fast-paced lifestyles are centered on convenience and technology, both of which require plastic, right? Our beverages (water, sodas, sports drinks, iced lattes) and food (meats, cheeses, milk, energy bars, cereal, bread, frozen dinners, whole roasted chickens, and sometimes even produce) all come packaged in plastic. And our toys -- whether for grown ups (computer, iPhone, camera) or kids (from teethers to training wheels) are all made from and/or packaged in plastic, right? How can it possibly be easy to give up? ...more

Great point, midnightbliss.  I also think that educating people on the health effects of ...more