Oro kid Martin now a US Navy sailor

The young Martin Sampang with his family“A true genius admits that he/she knows nothing.” ― Albert EinsteinThis truism of the world's greatest scientific genius lights the path of a 29-year-old Fil-American who hailed from Cagayan de Oro City in Misamis Oriental, northern Mindanao Philippines and now resides with his family in Norfolk, Virginia....more

That's it! I hate my freaking oven!

(excuse me while I vent for a moment...it doesn't last long, I promise)There. I said it and I don't care who knows it.I am so over the whole "we're in Singapore and I'll get used to it" novelty.I swear that thing has a mind of it's own and it's sole purpose in life is to screw with me....more

“Damn!” is okay, but not “Shut up!” Really? What the H-E- Double Hockey Sticks!?

Our family has lived in three different countries, over 6 states, and countless towns but nothing prepared us for the confusion of moving overseas and having to learn a whole new batch of bad words we shouldn’t say. When my husband and I moved to New Zealand we felt pretty secure about taking our four children in public. We didn’t ever think our children would be attending their new church activities and break the ice with these potential new friends by swearing at them. We thought wrong. ...more

Follow the Arrows to the Love Hotel

You’re on a date and it’s going really well, so you decide to take things a step further. What do you do when you live in Japan? Take your lover back to your house or shared apartment? Methinks not, as some walls are literally paper thin in Japan. Shag in the karaoke room? It’s an option but there are cameras in each of those. If you are getting laid in Japan, you will most likely be paying a visit at one time or another to a love hotel....more

tackling pudu

From top left: local peppers organized in neat piles for transactional ease; ginger buds are just about the most beautiful and amazing tasting spice in this part of the world; a vendor tallies the total for each bunch of ...more

London Calling: My ill-fated call-centre interview

I went for an interview at a call-centre. I know. I know. But when the going gets tough, the tough'll do anything to stay afloat. That's what I tell myself. And being a foreigner and a job-seeker in the midst of credit crunch hysteria – melancholy so severe and so adored by Londoners that advertisers city-wide use it for rhymes and puns – I can't even splurge for the discounted 'Credit Crunch Lunch'. It's a blessing really, that food in England has the reputation it does. Basically, if I can trade my time for money, I'll do just about anything until I can find a real job – one that's somehow, even mildly related to anything I learned during 8 years of university. Getting hired by an inbound call-centre is harder than I'd anticipated. From a customer's perspective, it seemed anyone could get a job at one of these places. Anyone with the aptitude to speak a language and don a headset. Anyone with the ability to read a sales script like a robot and put me on hold. But it's just not that easy. ...more

30-Day Fitness Challenge Day Seventeen: Two Days in a Row

Ouch. That was all I could say at the start of my run this morning. Yesterday morning I told myself that if I could get up and run under the conditions of too much food and drink and not enough sleep the night before, then I could get up and run under any conditions. So what choice did I have but to get up and run for the second day in a row. Consecutive running days is another feat I haven’t accomplished in several years. ...more

30-Day Fitness Challenge Day Thirteen: The Mud Run

It doesn't seem like I'm that close to the halfway point, but Monday was Day Thirteen. And it was a good day. I was on a high. After some dismal days last week, I bounced back on Saturday with the best tennis I've ever played. (That's not saying much, since I'm not very good, but I'm so happy to be improving.) I was tired after the tennis so Sunday was a low-impact recovery day with some arms work and some abs work. ...more

30-Day Fitness Challenge Days Four Through Nine: Bitten by Two Bugs

It may sound odd to say that one of the bugs I've been bitten by is the writing bug, when I haven't posted any content on any blogs for a whole week. My writing has been offline and I've also been seriously considering how to go about writing full-time. My job will only last for a few more months and do I really feel like going back to another office? We'll have to wait and see.  ...more

30-Day Fitness Challenge Days Two and Three: Tennis Anyone?

Yesterday I did a yoga-for-abs workout and by the time I went to bed last night I was feeling my abs. But I did not let them deter me from my tennis date this morning. ...more