Give me a chance to succeed

All I want is a chance to succeed.  I don't want a handout.  I don't want the government to pay my bills.  I don't want to live off anyone else.  I just want a chance to succeed, a hand up, a real chance to rise above the challenges I was born into. My last name is Rockefeller.  But I am not descended of the robber baron who "earned" his millions by exploiting everyday Americans.  Everyday I hear jokes about my last name -- even former Governor David Patterson made that crack about Rockefellers and money when I met him in 2011....more

The Real Struggle is...Struggling? Happiness as a Choice

There was a moment a few months ago when it hit me like a ton of bricks that I had to get completely honest or I would die. Life as I knew it had become simply intolerable. I was born poor and, despite all my ambition, talent, skill, manipulations, education, effort..., was poor now and -- gasp! -- may die poor. After I stopped having an emotional temper tantrum (I was mortified! This can't be true! It's unAmerican even!) I began slowly to make peace with what is already true. ...more
@GoFashionDeals It's amazing how much just being honest (about what happens to be true anyway, ...more

Perspective--in case of (self-pity) emergency, I break this out

Something I wrote a while ago that I use to remind myself that if this is as good as it gets, it is more than enough:                       PERSPECTIVEI used to have Mikimoto pearls but now I don’tI used to have a  new SUV but now I don’tI used to have a white picket fence but now I don’tI used to have blue & white china but now I don’tI used to have a poor sense of self but now I don’tI used to have a diamond ring but now I don’t...more
@JMRavenscroft Me too, ha. Perspective is a powerful tool. (Use it or lose it.)more

A Priceless Life

A friend posted a graph on Facebook today outlining the breakdown of wealth in America (Spoiler alert! Only 1% owns 43%) along with a link ( to a very insightful list of what it really looks like to be poor. I commented when I shared the list that the list can only be understood by those living it so, preaching to the choir and all. Those in a position to cause change simply cannot relate except in the abstract....more
 @ColleenDick VERY well stated. The big lies that everyone can (and does) have the latest IPhone ...more

A Blessing

I usually don't suggest books on this blog, but on this day and at this time I am changing my stripes. Breathing Space A Spiritual Journey in the South Bronx By Heidi B. Neumark. The author was a Lutheran pastor of a church on East 156th Street. Transfiguration Lutheran Church is right in the midst of the South Bronx --one of the poorest urban areas, infested with rats and violence-- yet in that place transformation and life happens. ...more


The horn of plenty a symbol of blessings and bounty. Most of us think of stories about the Mayflower and Pilgrims whenever viewing this picture. A characteristic associated with the symbolic horn is more than enough to share. Before going any further I want to be emphatically clear I'm in no way hating on the extreme coupon people. Anyone who can maneuver around sticker shock at the cash register should be heralded as a champion. However, commercials showing extreme coupon extraordinaries converting rooms in their homes to mini marts are indeed EXTREME! What is the purpose of their bounty?...more

Daily Process, Jaipur But the view is remarkable!!...more