Debra Prinzing: Seasonal + Sustainable = Slow Flowers

Debra Prinzing, author of Slow Flowers, answers questions about seasonal, sustainable, and local flowers. ...more

Learning to Live Self-Sustained

     One of the things that really hit me a few years ago was how unprepared I would be if there were a major catastrophe in my area.  I didn't grow up in an area where massive storms, power outages, or earthquakes were a part of normal life.  I've lived in the desert all my life.  We don't get hurricanes, or tornadoes, and I've never seen people prepping for the end of the world, or even for an emergency that would require some forethought to get through....more

What will the New Year bring?

 The world did not end and the horizon is before us. What will you make of it?There are so many great choices to make. Here are a few our team will be exploring:...more

Three Bronze Turkeys Later

‘Tis the Season for Farmer’s Markets

 They’re back. And, those of us who have chosen to embrace the locavore lifestyle are glad....more

Grow Your Own: Setting Self-Sufficient Gardening Goals

This year I've been able to check a homesteading goal off of my list- having vegetable storage that lasts through the Winter!...more

Thinking About Change...

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the past year, and reading some tea leaves to see what this year has in store....more

Do You Take Sustainable Eating Seriously at Holiday Time?

When shopping for holiday meals, how do you preserve your taste buds, the environment, and find sustainably-raised food, especially during these wintry months? Think fresh, local, simple and pure....more