How To Prepare A Paleo Lo Mein Recipe Without Spoiling Its Authenticity

A diet that forbids processed foods, trans fats, and sugar must be a good diet. These forbidden foods are the main cause of cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, depression, infertility and many other diseases. If you do some research you will see that this diet is very healthy. Scientists say that it is the only food regimen that works with our genetics because it is based on the foods available to our ancestors back to the Paleolithic age....more

Simply Stir-Fried Cantonese Vegetable Lo Mein (搂面)

Just wanted to finish up that pack of egg noodles in the kitchen cabinet, so that I can proceed to buy new things for the lunar new year!Read more from 'Simply Stir-Fried Cantonese Vegetable Lo Mein (搂面)'....more

Pork Lo Mein

One of the best parts of ordering Chinese food to me is having leftovers the next day. I usually make sure I order extra, just so I can enjoy it all over again. Lo Mein is one of my favorite dishes....more
Oh! Ground pork. We're always looking for good uses for ground pork. more