What You Should Require in Exchange for Giving Your Heart to a Man

If I could impart one piece of advice to women about relationships it would be simple and it would be this:If you’re going to hand over your heart to someone, don’t settle for anything less than being worshipped in return.  Absolute adoration is a requirement.  Nothing less will do....more
Lisa you couldnt be more true..You made so many very salient points and everything you said are ...more

What’s on Your Schedule Ten Days From Now?

A couple of weeks ago I got myself all worked up over some stuff.   I’m not talking about a few minutes or even a couple of days worth of worked up.  I’m talking more than a week.  I was in a vibe flow that was pretty intense and it wasn’t pleasant.  At some point mid-vibe breakdown I even thought to myself, “Lisa, you are feeling all of this pretty intensely right now.  This is going to come back at you and you aren’t going to like it when it does.”Bingo!...more

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Perfect

Somebody asked me recently if I believed a perfect relationship was possible and if so what that would look like.  The answer to the question is yes, I do believe perfect relationships are possible.  In fact, I’ve seen a lot of them, and none of them are exactly the same....more

Why Unification is the Death of a Marriage

Recently I met with a couple who literally showed up wearing almost matching outfits.  They talked a lot in the framework of “we”.“We like salsa dancing.”“We like Tudor style architecture.”“We call ourselves ‘independents’ politically.”“We are Southern Baptist.”“We decided on cornflower blue for the bathroom.”...more

Why You Should Be a Spiritual Hedonist

There is an age old question I tend to ask myself frequently.“Is it my business, someone else’s business, or God’s business?”...more

Who the Hell Do I Really Want to Be?

The brain spends about 80% of it’s conscious resources remembering and cataloging things and events.  It’s a little bit like your computer putting things in cache.  When you visit a website your computer has cached, what you see on your screen may or may not be current.  To be exact, your computer stored a version of that site from a previous visit.  It makes for much quicker loading.  Your web browser doesn’t have to deal with the details.  It can just sort of load around the periphery....more

How to Have a Relationship the Lasts a Lifetime

When can you put your relationship on autopilot and let it run itself?Anytime you want, as long as you don’t really care where things go.Someone suggested to me a few days ago that my Honey and I make marriage look easy.  She asked what my secret was.  The answer is easy.  We put as much energy into our relationship as we would if we were trying to “save” it.  I thought that was a genius, easy answer.  She was horrified.  “Oh my God.  That sounds like so much work.”...more

Would You Give Up Marriage for an Annual Agreement?

Let’s face it.   We all know “till death do us part” is not a mandate.   It’s not the law.   It’s not a given.   In our culture, whether we want to admit it or not, marriages are not necessarily permanent.   They certainly aren’t disposable.  However, there is a thing called divorce and many of us myself included, have had one.  ...more

Is Compromise a Relationship Killer?

com·pro·mise:   To compromise is to make a deal between different parties where each party gives up part of their demand. Relationships are built on compromise, right?  Well good business partnerships might be built on compromise.  But as counterintuitive as it might sound, for long term romantic relationships, compromise is a relationship killer, at least a satisfaction killer....more

Nagging is the Leading Cause of Deafness in Men

It’s pretty common for a woman to feel like her man doesn’t listen to her.  I hear it a lot.  I hear it a lot because it happens a lot.  However, there’s a reason and in most cases it’s avoidable.  When a man feels like he’s being nagged he shuts it out.  You may not think you’re nagging, but he may feel like you are more often than you’d imagine.  It’s like his brain hits the mute button without him even knowing it....more