A Farmer's Afternoon on the Town

If I ignore the parts of the day that involved hacking through thick ice on the various animal troughs with the back end of my trusty axe, today was a lot of fun. Too much fun, in fact, to try to include everything in one blog post....more

Alderley Grange Goody Box - It's Sign-up Time!

Today's post is a guest post by my lovely daughter and hard-working CSA/Goody Box coordinator, Dani......more

Cowgirl glad for her, ummmm, supportive undergarments

The cowgirl and her bone-breaking "ferrari"So what's it take to raise 100% grass-fed beef for the local and city market? Sometimes it's a three-hour stint in a bucking ... http://bit.ly/11h2ON0 Sylvia Burgos Toftnesssylvia@bronxtobarn.com - the storywww.bullbrookkeep - our beef...more

4:00AM, awake, anxious, the threat of heavy losses due to rain

It's 4:30 a.m. and I'm sitting here, in bed, listening to the downpour and wondering what'll mean for us. The approaching thunder woke me up an hour ago and I kept hoping that's all we'd get - a light show. I tried to figure out if the rumbles were traveling west to east and staying south of us. No. The rain started coming down, hard, at about 4:00. Drat. Our friend Norm brought over his big tractor and mowing equipment yesterday and cut our hayfield. The alfalfa and grasses had been over 2 feet tall, but yesterday had been the first day he'd been available to do this work for us....more

Don't (necessarily) Buy Local

[image via Science Photo Library] Buy local food for its freshness. Buy it to preserve open space and support the local economy. But don't do it to save the planet....more

The Future of Food: Farmers Markets Go Virtual

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we're pretty spoiled when it comes to farmers markets. There's a market within easy striking distance of most area residents six days a week year-round. But in most parts of the United States, that's not the case, which means it can be more challenging for those who really want to buy locally grown food and locally produced edible goods to get to a market in person....more
Using the web to find farmers markets is better, in my opinion, than actually doing the shopping ...more

Celebrate Food DAy

October 24 is Food Day – a chance to participate and celebrate the Real Food movement.This year’s Food Day is even more grassroots-oriented than last year’s.  It’s a  fun way to promote healthy, affordable and sustainable food....more

Hooray for REAL food!

I have been finding such joy lately in buying local food from my farmer's market and preparing it simply, with love.  I don't usually call myself a cook, but this stuff is easy and delicious!  Check out my blog post about it: http://journeytowildness.blogspot.com/2012/04/real-food-for-busy-hungry-......more

Are There GMOs in Your Backyard Garden?

As more families begin growing their own food, fears over genetically modified organisms making their way into backyard gardens mount. Some seed companies have based entire marketing campaigns on -- and even business structures around -- providing a GMO-free product while others have remained eerily silent. Meanwhile, consumers are paying premiums for reassurance on a topic they don't understand....more
Good to know ... thanks for the reassurance!more

The Accidental Vegetarian

A mid-February show of hands, please: how many of us are still sticking with our New Year's resolutions? Honestly, I'm not sure I made any resolutions this year. If I did, well, they were fleeting and of the altruistic, yet unquantifiable variety, such as “Be a kinder person.” You know, the types of resolutions that were intended to elicit similar responses from our kids: “I'll be nicer to my brother,” or “I'll help Mommy more around the house.”...more