Persimmon Cheesecake: Autumn Dessert Perfection

While I love to create my own dishes, I think just acknowledging that things are "just fine the way they are" is also important.  Such is the case with this "Persimmon Cheesecake" recipe I found on AllRecipes.Com.<...more

Roasted Red and Green Tomatoes with Sour Cream Herb Sauce

This morning, the farmer's market offered a surprise.  There were a few late peaches out of Porter, and still a good many Jonathan apples fresh off the tree.  However, I was especially happy to see a bowl of freshly ripened small tomatoes from the gentleman...more

Recipe for Rhubarb Ginger Chutney from the Accidental Locavore

My cousin Ellen makes a delicious rhubarb chutney which marries the rhubarb with ginger, spices and brown sugar.  It's a great accompaniment to grilled or roasted meats, sandwiches or burgers. Her favorite way to serve it is on a cracker with sharp cheddar cheese....more

So, I have a question to anyone on here who might be able to help... I've cut my rhubarb several ...more