Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank

[Editor's Note: 'Tis the season to have just spent an awful lot of money (on gifts, food, entertaining, and yes, possibly even alcohol...), and 'tis the season to start thinking about how to step back from holiday excess and start eating healthily again. But is it possible to eat healthily and keep to a budget at the same time? This post from the archives assures you that yes, it is possible, Virginia. There really is an affordable way to eat your veggies! --Genie]...more
I love the two pairs, two spares. I'm the youngest of 5 kids and the first 4 are 2 sets of ...more

A time to sow, a time to reap

 Wow, we’re beginning Thanksgiving week…which means another year has pretty much flown by already. Besides counting our blessings, most of us will be doing a lot of feasting this week…and feasting involves a lot of shopping. Some will make the decision to buy and serve locally-grown foods at Thanksgiving. Ironically, it’s not easy to find locally-grown produce in rural areas like ours this time of year unless you are fortunate enough to be a gardener or live near one who likes to share....more

Be a Zen Master of Garlic Peeling!

This man knows his garlic peeling technique....more
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Girl Scouts Offer 'Locavore' Badges

Although I spent a decade as a Camp Fire Girl (we earned beads, not badges), I must applaud Girl Scouts of America for offering their 2.3 million troops the opportunity to earn a 'locavore' badge, stressing the importance of local food. The Girls Scouts, celebrating their 100-year-old birthday next year, launched the new badge on October 1. (They also added new badges for website design, financial literacy and entertainment technology.)...more
My daughter taught the daisy how to compost and how to build an organic garden.more

Outstanding in the cold, cold field.

What is the magic of Leicester, NC? When I look out over the fields, hike through the mountains, or just sit on a porch swing and read, a quiet peace descends, blanketing the normal daily stresses and rejuvenating this frazzled mom. Last year, Peter and I visited Leicester for our first Outstanding in the Field dinner at East Fork Farm....more

Rosemary Balsamic Steak Marinade

Rosemary has amazing antimicrobial properties. I consider it not just a culinary herb, but a medicinal herb as well. Traditional cultures that ate pork consistently served it with rosemary for its anti-parasitic properties. It's a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, and has been used to help with indigestion as well. It's a great herb to grow in your garden and to introduce into the foods that we eat. Balsamic vinegar also has anti-bacterial properties and works on tenderizing the meat in this recipe. The longer you marinate, the better....more

Something About (Stuffed) Tomatoes, A Recipe

Most of the year, the Accidental Locavore wishes it was summer, so when it’s actually upon us,...more

Chioggia Beet Fries

We've been incredibly busy this week with gardening, harvesting and preserving, and so much of what we're eating right now is pretty simple fare. My son loves anything that comes in 'fry' form and these beet fries meet his approval - they are also extremely simple and fast to make....more
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The Importance of Local Food

I recently spent two days, two glorious days, with Julie Kramer, the publisher of Edible Ohio Valley magazine, visiting Snowville Creamery in Southeastern Ohio. The creamery itself is a metal-clad building that occupies a piece of The Brick, the dairy farm whose milk is bottled there....more
I work for my family's organic farm at a local farmer's market and I always get people who can't ...more

First U.S. No-Packaging Grocery to Open in 2011

This month, The Brothers Lane will announce the Austin location of the first in.gredients store, which will offer no-packaging grocery shopping. The store, which is expected to open sometime in October, will let customers fill their own reusable containers with everything and anything found in a normal grocery store: local and organic products ranging from dry bulk goods and dairy to wine and beer and household cleaners. ...more
I recently saw some pieces on shows like CNN and the journal with Joan Lunden on PBS that were ...more