Eating Local Made a Little Easier

Rhonda Fleming Hayes ...more

Sharing local foods with the wider community

As October comes to a close, the Eat Local Challenge is thinking bigger and looking for ways to spread locavorism beyond our home kitchens. Week Four (October 24 - 31): Taking it to the Community Week four will focus on eating locally within our communities. We can host potlucks and eat local parties, we can check in with our schools to hear whether they are supporting local farmers with their buying decisions. ...more

There are some great ideas here. I attended a slow food feast last weekend that benefited a ...more

Involving your families in the Eat Local Challenge

This week, the Eat Local Challenge asks participants to look at how to expand the challenge to families....more

Overcoming the challenge of eating locally

This week's Eat Local Challenge focus is Personal Challenges.How can we personally eat locally in a sustainable manner? What is the "low-hanging fruit" with regard to eating locally that we can easily change during this week?...more

Luckily, living here in Austin, our farmers' markets still have a lot to choose from in the ...more

Taking stock of the Eat Local Challenge

Although there are already five days under October’s belt, it’s not too late to consider taking part, in small or large ways, in this month’s Eat Local Challenge....more

Unplanned Cooking, I often hear that some locally-made products are more expensive (and, ...more

Help me choose a logo for my small business -

Help us pick a logo at hyperlocavore is a yardsharing community. Join hyperlocavore to find or start a yardshare or group garden in your town. CSAs and community gardens fill up fast. Organic is expensive! ...more

Growing Tiny Gardens

I admit, I’m a budding gardener. And it is so exciting that the time to order seeds and plan this years garden is upon me! Last year I ran upon a great book, Animal, Vegatable, Miracle a little too late to start a full-fledged garden, but that didn’t stop me from getting a few seeds to germinate in my less-than-desirable soil. The tiny eggplants we grew were scrumptious– so much better than those store bought monsters. And that has incitd me to do better this year. ...more

One of my favorite parts about warmer weather (aside from the fact that it is warmer) is when ...more

Roast up a delightful meal - Cook Local

Fiddle Mama

Tà Dia làidir is màthair matih aige~ God is strong and He has a good mother      ...more

Disappointed In a Childhood Favorite

This is as much of a rant as it is a post. I'm constantly on a quest to eat healthy (and local), but sometimes you just need one of those old stand-bys that remind you of your childhood. The other day, I went to my employer's cafeteria and my eyes were drawn to the Rice Krispie treats. ...more