My Little Victory Garden: Summertime = Busy Time!

When people ask me how much of my time is spent gardening, I tell them "it averages out to about a half hour every day."Some raise their eyebrows and respond, "EVERY day?"  Others nod and comment, "Yeah...that sounds about right."  But the key isn't in the "thirty minutes."  For me, the key is in the "averaging."  And during this time of the year, that half hour comment isn't even close.  For me, this time of the year is BUSY!...more
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How to Start a CSA Program At Your Office

Imagine picking up a box of groceries at work. Now imagine that the box includes strawberries, snap peas, asparagus, baby lettuce, and radishes all picked that morning less than 20 miles away; a dozen free-range eggs; local goat cheese; a loaf of fresh-baked bread; and a jar of honey. Start envisioning dinner: goat cheese and strawberry salad, asparagus frittata, stir-fry. Finally, imagine that this convenience cost you less than a trip to the store. Too good to be true? Not if you’re a member of a workplace-based CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. ...more
This is a fantastic idea, and something I would have never thought of. We had a CSA basket for a ...more

Meal Planning and Cutting Costs, Not Quality

This is the time of year when I know I can save money on groceries because it is time for soups, stews and casseroles. My goal is to do this using seasonal, fresh produce, local meats and food preserved throughout the summer months. My grocery list will supplement what I have at home and purchase through the Farmers Market. My goal is to spend a maximum of $150 a week....more

Book Review: Girl Hunter

Book Review – Girl HunterOn December 18, 2011, in Lifestyle, by Bette Boomer ...more

Buttercup Squash Breakfast Pudding

The first year is always the hardest when committing to a different way of eating. There is no repertoire of recipes already established, and each new season brings with it the challenge of cooking with what's on hand. Old favorites have to be modified and new favorites created....more

Snap Pea Salad with Basil Pesto Vinaigrette

A long time ago, before I became interested in gardening and eating seasonally, I followed recipes to-the-letter. I didn't know how to experiment or combine food to get tasty outcomes - particularly with fresh herbs. Most of the recipes I grew up with were not seasonal and were of no help to me if I wanted to prepare something strictly from farmer's market ingredients. And then I stumbled upon an article that provided some helpful advice:...more

The Sweet Simplicity of Braiding My Onions

I was introduced to the Laura Ingalls' "Little House on the Prairie" books when I was eight years old.  Soon after, I began doodling on wide-ruled paper when day-dreams would overtake me.  In them, I was Laura and I was playing in the log cabin attic bedroom with my sister Mary.  We would cuddle our tiny corncob dolls while playing house, sitting on pumpkins for chairs.  Overhead, strands of dried onions would hang on every beam.  The detail of my drawings was only limited by the time I had for that particular sitting.  Since I was a farm girl and much of our lives revolved around storing food, preparing food, and growing food, I had found my literary heroine....more

Calling All Foodies!

The Culinary Coquette (Writers On Food )...more