My First Lockdown. Holy $H–!

So there I was at my son's parent-teacher conference this Wednesday, two minutes into hearing how superawesomeamazeball the Duke is doing. I was feeling good and gooey with pride since, clearly, I'm the tree the apple didn't fall far from. And that's when the announcement came over the loudspeaker– "ATTENTION, PLEASE:  A LOCKDOWN OF THE SCHOOL HAS BEEN ORDERED. STUDENTS AND STAFF RETURN TO THE NEAREST CLASSROOM OR OFFICE. TEACHERS, LOCK YOUR DOORS AND KEEP STUDENTS INSIDE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.” ...more

Follow-Up to the Lockdown Incident

After my experience with arriving at my son's school to find police cars with lights flashing and the school under lockdown, blogging about it, reading and hearing responses to the story, and thinking about it on and off for a couple of days, I decided to write a letter to the school outlining my concerns and making a few suggestions. It is unusual for me to actually take the step of writing a letter, though I often threaten to, and I was pleased with what I came up with and sent....more

I Went to Pick My Son Up at School and Found Police Cars

On Wednesdays, my first-grader gets out of school at 1:05. Yesterday, I showed up at the school around 1:00 and was puzzled to see several police cars, lights flashing, parked around school grounds. I was just in time to overhear an announcement on the loudspeaker, "Students who usually walk home will be permitted to walk home as usual," or something to that effect. "Why wouldn't they be?" I said to myself. Obviously, something was Not Right at the school, but I had no idea what was going on....more
The parent who called about that blimp is probably dying of embarrassment about now! He meant ...more