Happy Birthday Kelly, and America

All it takes is 10 inches of natural hair to help someone in need. ...more

All About Locks of Love

Since it’s the giving season I want to tell you a little about Locks of Love. Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. I have been a long time fan and supporter and yet I am still overcome with pride each time a child visits my salon to give the gift of their hair to a child in need....more

A Little Facebook Magic

The gift certificates were pouring in - from all over the country and in various amounts - some as little as $5.00 - with beautiful and caring messages.  I began to suspect that there was something very special going on.   I became very familiar with the name “Carrie” and was impressed by how many thoughtful friends she had.  When Carrie called to redeem  her gift certificates, I commented to her about her supportive network of friends - and then the real story unfolded....more

Donating My Hair: What Have I Done?

I’m an expert at going against the flow. I will not be one of them. Every other girl at my high school has long, straightened hair. When they walk by, you can smell the crispy, burnt ends. Sort of like a campfire. Not really. Campfires smell good. ...more

I love the honesty and the way your words described that moment. I felt as if I was lying on ...more

Locks of Love, you disappoint me greatly

Dear Locks Of Love, HOW dare you? ...more

Calling Bloggers for Locks of Love

It's a Locks of Love blogosphere event! How many bloggers CAN grow their hair out for the non-profit organization Locks of Love? I'd like to see! Several women I know have donated their hair and I've been a little lax about going to the hairdresser lately, so I thought I'd look into it. The LOL website is touching and I decided without a doubt that I would do it. (My eight-year-old daughter might even join me!) ...more

I think I'm going to cut off all my hair after the wedding (which is in two weeks.)

Elisa ...more