This text convo between my husband and me is everything

So, remember yesterday, when I made that abomination of a pie?...more

Fail Kitchen Lineup - July

Another big month here on Fail Kitchen. I've got recipes coming out my ears. At least thirty I haven't had a chance to write out yet, and so many more we've done and are doing. Here's what's coming up:...more
"Kitchen-Aid mixers were made for high" -- amen. lolmore

10 Horrific Kitchen Fails

In lieu of a recipe this week, I thought I'd list out the EVER-GROWING request list for Fail Kitchen.  Here are the ones already in the pipeline: ...more
A friend made the Oreo peanut butter brownies. They are really sweet. Like whoa.more

The Mom Quiz

(HINT BEFORE YOU START THE QUIZ. ALL "A MOTHERS" ARE ME).1) A mother is sweeping the floor and collects a good pile of dust and dirt in the center. Her child notices a single green bead amid the refuse, and requests that the mother not throw it away. The mother acquiesces, requesting the child put the bead back in its box with the others, since she loves it so much.Given this information, how many beads are left on the floor?a) 1b) 0c) 419754928671802702...more
THANK YOU!!!! As I look around my messy counters, over filled dishwasher, 4 laundry baskets ...more

Please Stop - Alternate Ke$ha Lyrics

A while back, I had a Ke$ha song stuck in my head, and my kids were sick, and this is the result.Wake up in the morning feeling like June CleaverGrab my coffee, I'm out the door, my baby's got a fever.Before I leave, brush my teeth with some regular toothpaste,cuz when I leave for the day, I'll be back in an hour.I'm talkingFights coming from the back seat - seatKids hitting each other with feet - feet...more

The Yoga...Experience

Problem:So this is the new year, and you don't feel any different. So how do you actually reinvigorate your life without burning yourself out? My suggestion is to try only one or two new things at a time, and make sure those things are for  you. You can do other new things for your kids and your family, but have a few just for you. And introduce them slowly, so that you don't feel guilty or selfish (which you shouldn't anyway, but I know you) for doing them.Solution:...more

Cooking Disasters are Frequent in this House

Oh, the cooking of the holiday family meal. The joy, the happiness, the horror....more

OPK Testing: The Rubix Cube of Your Lady Parts

Starting on day 3 of my cycle they had me start taking Clomid (what that experience was like):...more

Recipe Monday - Can You Guess What These Are?

giggle. So are  you going to try them again?more

Death to LOL

www.motherfog.wordpress.comI have hesitated to write this entry for months now.  I fear that my thoughts will offend 99 percent of my friends and readers. But, I can keep quiet no longer. Forgive me dear ones, kind-hearted friends, family, and cyber-besties for questioning a rampant and beloved (by most) acronym. I accept that as the minority on this one, it is I who must be wrong.  In order for me to post this without guilt, please balance the scales by leaving some overused Motherfogisms that drive you up the wall in the comment section. I can take it....more