Visiting London This Summer? Here's What You Should Do

London summers are really hit or miss. Near the start of this year's summer, we had two straight weeks of chilly, driving rain. Luckily, that's passed and we've reached some pretty warm temperatures. Needless to say, I'm taking advantage of it like woah. Between strolling around our local parks (London's are the best), discovering back streets, and going to cool things like steam fairs, we've been out and about as much we can....more

Honeymoon Day 10: Greenwich & Blackheath

When we awoke on Day 11, it was to the lovely scent of breakfast being prepared by Lovely Lizzie. We staggered downstairs, where our hostess fed us and pour various hot, caffeinated beverages into our gullets. There was even a tea cozy on the tea pot. Being American and as couth as rabid raccoon, I had never seen the use of tea cozy in real life. I was entranced, much to Lizzie’s profound amusement. ...more

Honeymoon: Bard Night

I need to think about something pleasant, something fun, and I am sure y’all do too. Thus, I will continue with Tales of the Great Honeymoon 2013. Around supper time Awesome, Da Bomb, myself, and Sweet Babou all met up with another friend I had only known through the interwebs – Lovely Lizzie and the Taurus of her dreams, Handsome Hubby. We all immediately bonded like superglue (or at least I did; they may have been gagging for escape and I didn’t have an inkling). ...more

London Fashion Highlights: Ostwald Helgason

Europe Fashion Weeks: Spring / Summer 2014The streets come alive during the fashion weeks across Europe. Extravagant designs, magnificent embellishments and curated trends lure fashion industry professionals from all over the world. Europe is sought out for its diverse source of innovation. London, Madrid, Paris and Milan each convey a unique design approach that demands attention.    This week we are showcasing a designer from London.LONDON:  September 13 – 17, 2013Ostwald Helgason...more

Colours in December

Mr Bradshaw and I are still exploring London, and today, while walking round some of the squares, I found these wonderful colours - in December!...more

A quick London round-up

At London’s Transport Museum, Covent Garden, you can see the exhibition of posters brought together under the umbrella title ‘Poster Art 150′.  It’s on until January 5th – more details at

Photo Essay: The Tower of London

A few months ago, EJ called me from work and asked me very casually if I’d like to go to London with him if he had to attend a business meeting there.Without a bit of hesitation, I answered “yes”....more

Selfridges Christmas Window Displays in London

The popular Masterpiece Theatre show, Mr. Selfridge is one of my favorite television shows and when my husband and I traveled to London last week and stumbled upon the famous Selfridge department store, my heart nearly skipped a beat.  Selfridge and Company, otherwise known as Selfridges, is an absolutely beautiful store complete with a champagne bar, several restaurants and the largest shoe department in the world!   ...more

Curious textual similarities?

Bradshaw's Hand Book to London is a fascinating Victorian guide book which I am using to explore London. ...more

Town or Country?

You can forget you are in a city sometimes......more