Reasons To Hire A Chauffeur Driven Luxury Wedding Car

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. The arrangements for the wedding start very early because they need to plan each and every little detail. Wedding dress, wedding venue, guest list etc., are always on top of their minds. Along with these another important detail which should not be missed is hiring a chauffeur driven luxury wedding car....more

10 Ideas for a street photo in London

When my parents ask me what I do in London in my free time I say 'I love doing street photography!'. They are like: 'What? You just photograph a street? Like any street? A road? A wall? What?" Well...yes and no I answered. And then they came to visit me in London and my dad was taking photos of everything: signs, tube, houses, cars, etc....more

5 Things You Must See In London

London has a special energy. It is older, wiser, sophisticated and yet it keeps up with the times. The beautiful city grew from a little village called Londinium, founded by the Romans in 42 AD along the Thames River. Today it is one of the great cultural centers of the world. The largest city in the UK, London is a busy place with so much to see and do. Navigating around the city isn’t difficult....more

Some observations from Keston Common

During reading week Mr. Transport and I trundled through south London’s suburbs, dreary under the muted light of fat, grey clouds, to Keston Common. Descending the steps towards the ponds, Mr. Transport and I noticed that a sluiceway guiding the River Ravensbourne from its brimming source up at Caeser’s Well, was carving its own slow tributary and puddling at the foot of the steps, as if to protest its containment. Read More ...more

Area Guide to Highbury, London

It's been almost a year since we moved to the N5 area (between Highbury and Finsbury Park). In that time I've seen a few new businesses pop up and seriously think it's only a matter of time before it becomes the next up-and-coming London neighbourhood to watch. What I love most about the area is that N5 has only a handful of chains and the majority of local businesses are one-off London gems. The N5 area is also super close to the hip and hippy Stoke Newington, and Clissold Park is just two minutes' walk away too....more

15 Tips for Traveling to Bruges and London, with Two Sixes

My husband and I just got back from an amazing trip to Bruge and London! We did a lot of things right this time, and we screwed some things up as well. Since I felt like I wasn't able to find a lot of practical tips before we left, I'm anxious to tell you what we learned! I imagine many of these tips will be appropriate for other international travel, but since our trip was so specific, I don't want to generalize....more
Karen Ballum And the cookies are delicious! (Especially the macarons from the little shop in ...more

The moment you realise you're the oldest person at the gig

Last week I was excited to be attending my first gig in eight months at Borderline in Soho. After this hiatus I was looking forward to cramming myself into a tiny, sweaty venue, to drink some cider and to move my shoulders, or just tap my foot, in time with the music of UK/US band Drowners. In fact, I couldn’t think of a more pleasant way to spend my Wednesday evening....more

What it feels like to return to London

I’m hot, sweaty and wishing more than anything that the guy behind me would stop leaning against me breathing alcohol fumes in my face. Sadly there is no room to escape. I am crammed into a tube carriage, with my 60-litre, mud-covered backpack, dodging evil looks from commuters because I made the fatal faux pas of passing through central London at 8:30am on a Friday morning. I know I don’t have a leg to stand on so I keep my eyes pointed down, I bite my tongue and I apologise profusely every time the doors open and more commuters sardine themselves in around me....more