Is Michael Phelps Really THE BEST? Maybe Not.

My swim cap is off to Michael Phelps.He is a sick athlete and a true source of pride for the swim community and America in general. He’s won 22 Olympic medals over an 8-year period during three Olympics. He has set and broken a ridiculous number of world records and has (except for one minor bong incident!) behaved like a true gentleman. He is a young man that any mother would be proud of and an athlete who will be remembered forever.But (and here come the boos) I question whether or not it’s fair to laud him as "the most decorated Olympian in American history"....more
Hi, Susie I am a new blogger from Italy . I agree with you. There are big champions in many ...more

Over-50 Olympics: The "This Ain't No Game" Games

I've always loved the Olympics.  I can't say that I watch as much of it on TV as I did when I was younger.  Not sure if that's because I don't have as much free time, or because there are so many other viewing choices since the advent of cable TV.  But, still, who can't help but get that warm and fuzzy, patriotic feeling watching our young, strapping Olympic athletes in the prime of their life, accomplishing their ultimate goal, while the rest of us lead a disappointing, unfulfilled exis..... oh, wait, that's me, but anyway........more
Fair enough. But "them" is me, just for the record. more

London 2012: The opening ceremony

Even though I have already watched the women's football (and I don't even like football!) matches on Wednesday, the Olympics don't start until after the opening ceremony. And what a ceremony it was.I realize it was not the best (whatever that means) opening ceremony of all times, but it was AWESOME. This was the most wonderfully quirky, absolutely kooky, inherently British best thing....more