An Ode to Lynn

Are friendships qualified as "May/December" just as romantic relationships are? I'm not sure, and have wondered. You see, one of my dearest friends just turned 70 her last birthday and seeing as how I am 31, we make a rather unlikely pair.Before meeting we had both become rather lonely. Though our congregation, at that time, loved The Preacher (and me), there was just no one there I connected with very deeply. Lynn's children are grown and busy with their own lives and as she does not have a husband to keep her busy, she found herself at a time without much to be a part of....more

Friends in all the far places

When you are an expat, friendship is tricky. When you move around a lot, local friends are a rare commodity. Currently, my closest friends live in New York, Oslo and Bern (soon to move back to Florida)....more

Shallow Roots - Loneliness Exposed

Over Christmas the story about Scrooge emerges, this lonely soul wondering through his world without enjoyment, meaningful friendship or companionship. There are people who at this time of year find it particularly hard; depression and loneliness can be at its peak. Interestingly, stats show that as a society depression is growing and loneliness, though subjective, is sharing the stage.How is it that in an age when people have the ability to do anything and communicate with each other twenty-four seven through technology, they still feel alone? Young people especially have been diagnosed with varying degrees of depression, anxiety and loneliness and yet we are the generations who have the most at our disposal.In our backyard we are not running for the bomb shelter daily, as my mother had to do as a child. Our food is not rationed and most illness that would have wiped out children or adults generations ago is preventable, manageable or treatable. We have (despite current financial circumstances) enjoyed a relatively disposable income and want for little.Education is available, we are not forced into unwanted working conditions and exploring career options is encouraged. Our entertainment choices are abundant and travel (though more safety orientated) is still an option. So, we come to this place in which I must ask some questions:Why is depression so prevelant?Why are we lonely?Why are we medicating ourselves and our children in order to cope?...more

That High Lonesome Sound

So Maw is on a whine-a-thon. I could barely sit next to her at supper. Headache was making me positively crosseyed but I couldn’t say a thing, even to Gary. Maw has simply ruined whining for the rest of us. ...more


Thanks! I really appreciate your support!

Gary himself nixed the laptop ...more

The New

One of the most difficult challenges I've faced as a new mom has been the radical shift in the amount of contact I've had with adults. I know that is nothing new for most moms these days, especially those of us who've had a career or a profession that we were "married to" before DB came along.  Knowing I'm not alone in this has helped. Some. ...more

Preoccupation & the Wantrepreneur - Cash Flow

The Wantrepreneur does not only experience fear.  The Wantrepreneur experiences something else - a new and desperate desire for cash. Before wantrepreneuring captured my spirit, i was gainfully employed with benefits.  Later I was gainfully partnered with a law firm with benefits.  But the Wantrepreneur has no employment or firm or benefits.  The Wantrepreneur has nothing steady in her life except - a passion to win and a preoccupation with cash flow. ...more


Watching the moon at midnight, solitary, mid-sky, I knew myself completely, no part left out. -Izumi Shikubu ...more

Single in December

December is, from a birds eye view, possibly the most depressing of all the months to be single. Firstly, it is absolutely freezing outside, and when I am walking home I always have to pass a happy oh-so-adorable..possibly so-adorable-that-you-want-to-push-them-into-a-ditch- couple. Going home to an empty bed when the heat is only set at 62 (because I am cheap) is also not optimal. ...more

Hah..ohh the might get cheaper then? along with cars..and my ...more

Brain vs. Body

The worst part of this broken engagement brouhaha has absolutely nothing to do with weddings or marriage; it’s waking up every morning and going to bed every night alone, alone alone. ...more

Some where with a big dance floor, and cheesy music.  ...more

What Helps Small Things Stay Small

I went through a bad spot in my life when I felt unloved, unlucky, and unwanted. I was young, beautiful (I can see my then beauty better from the distance of years), energetic, enthusiastic and bursting with desire.  Nothing was happening for me in the relationship department.  The lack of kisses and hugs and caring from another adult was weighing me down.  Life felt like a drudge. ...more