Waiting for the one

I’ve met someone on the internet.  Well, we haven’t really met yet because he lives 7,949 miles away on a small island in the southern hemisphere.  We’ve much in common and think we might really get along, but – we both know that’s dangerous ground to tread, given the immensity of distance and God’s bizarre sense of humor....more

Birthday in a Box

I think I'm experiencing a bit of arrested development. By this age, most of my friends  have already packed up boxes of goodies for a college-bound child or missed the celebration of a major holiday with one of their kids. But, until today, I had never tried to stuff a package full of gifts for a far-away offspring, knowing that they would be celebrating a birthday without me. Having attended every one of them (that first one was especially memorable) for the last twenty-five years, I can't believe I'm not going to be there for this one....more

6 Tips for Making Long-Distance Relationships Work

Finding that special someone is a wonderful experience, but it can also be challenging when you live far apart. Does that mean your long-distance relationship is doomed? Not at all! There are several ways to stay emotionally close, even when you’re physically far apart from each other. ...more
@DrBisa  Im glad you like the article. Thank you for appreciating. .more

Our Connections Make Us Whole

In two days, I will head to Colorado for a girlfriend weekend with 10 friends. We’ve rented a house to celebrate the 40th birthdays of three of us.It is a tradition begun when the first of us turned 40. There will be laughing, eating, drinking, inappropriate and weird conversations, and more laughing.For three months, I have looked forward to this trip, but this week I’ve felt oddly apprehensive about this first visit back to my old home....more

Call Me—No Maybe About It

This morning I woke from a dream involving technical difficulties in Skyping with friends far away. The melancholy of the dream combined with PMS led to me crying into my coffee grounds.Remember that horrible homesickness the first night you spent away from home? That was me this morning. I wondered how I would survive two more months before I headed to Colorado to celebrate my 40th birthday with “my girls.” Then, as I swapped my third text with one of these friends, I remembered this wonderful invention called the telephone....more

Making Distance Work for Your Relationship

By virtue of growing up on an island where everyone was constantly coming and going, I have had more than my fair share of long-distance relationships and learned a great deal of lessons -- the hard way. If you're in the same boat right now, dive in. Distance doesn't have to spell the end of romance. In fact, just the opposite -- if you're willing to step outside the box. ...more
This is great advice @AVFlox.  Awesome post!more

I Left Everything I Knew in the Name of Love

I really loved being married. I loved finally being with Aaron all the time. But at the same time, I was sad. I went from a little two-bedroom house a few miles from one of my best friends, and a short twenty-minute back road commute to a job where I was valued and appreciated; close, loving friendships; an active volunteering schedule; and a church community that was my heart's home to a strange new place. And it was hard. ...more
I'm going through the same.it's just a little different that I have moved to USA from a ...more

True Love

Hi, friends!! I missed you all. Sorry for the long pause in our posts. I was gone for more than two weeks for my new job. I had a fantastic time. I love the fact that I now work for a company that offers huge opportunity, growth, challenge, creativity, innovation, passion, value and a path to success. I am reveling in what I do, and have never been happier or more content. I had the opportunity to jump in feet first with a high-energy, intense couple of weeks....more

Christmas in Prison (I'm in Love with a Prisoner/The Painted Line)

So this morning I woke up in my bed, and it started out like most other mornings. I turned my electric blanket on to take the chill off before I got up. I snuggled a bit with my kitten, who was fast asleep next to my head. I contemplated the thought of a cup of hot coffee, along with the yummy breakfast I knew my sister would make. But before my mind went to any of those things, I had two thoughts immediately go through my head upon waking: 1) It's Christmas. And 2) The man I love with all of my heart is waking up this morning in a prison cell....more

The Painted Line (I'm in Love with a Prisoner) April 23, 2010 -- Alan (part 2)

So, again I have to say that at this point in time, these letters are a bit heart-wrenching to read. Don't get me wrong -- I know that the love Alan and I have now is a thousand times stronger and deeper than what he had with his ex. They were first loves: young, immature, unfaithful, a bit selfish. But still, reading about his love and heartache for her now makes me wrinkle my nose in that slightly green-tinged sort of way. On the other hand, though, I have to really admire his dedication and honesty about her. He's right....more