My 4 Favorite Hair Care Products

The Long and the Short of It — Hair, That Is

Original post on xoxoxo eI just got a very short haircut, very similar to how I wore it in college, and I feel so free. Like a ton of weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I am getting lots of compliments and even shock, at my "bravery" to cut my hair. It got me thinking about different hair lengths that I have had through the years....more

Who Says Moms Have to Have Sensible Hair?

Last week, I was getting my hair cut for the first time in forever and the college girl washing it was asking about my children. While I was telling her, she suddenly remarked, “You’re the only person I’ve seen who has kept their hair this long after having kids.” In her voice there was a slight note of disapproval, like maybe it was time for me to think about a more sensible haircut....more
@tat2edmama I love that line "If you're rockin' your true seld you are, in fact, rockin'" Love it!more

5 things to know about having a boy with long hair

My son decided in first grade that he wanted to grow his hair long (like Max, who has gorgeous hair, but whose hair is completely different from Liam's. Ah, well, live and learn.) We went through some growing pains but I have to say it's really sweet that he likes his hair long. And truthfully, I have to start teaching him about girls because I swear that gorgeous head of hair is just drawing the little harlots like flies to honey. What should you consider or plan for when your son tells you he wants to grow his hair long? Here's what we found:  ...more

What Does A Woman's Hair Length Say About Her Sexuality?

When I cut my hair short almost three years ago, I didn't mean to send any messages; I just wanted to look nice. Since then, however, I seem to be radiating some signal that I am a lesbian. If I am confusing people, I do not mean to, so apologies for any mix ups. However, I certainly hope that I am projecting that I am a dried up prune. ...more
I have short hair now and am contemplating getting all of my hair cut as long as the short part ...more

Signs I'm Aging: Short Hair and Ugly Cars

To commemorate my 41st birthday, I went and got myself a real short haircut, something I swore I'd never do.  Here's the pic and my rant about it at la Matriarch ...more