Romance Isn't Always About Hearts and Flowers

My husband isn’t a flower man. He’s much too practical to buy something that will die in a week. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times in our 17-year relationship that he’s given me flowers....more
@Patricia Pfitzenmeier It makes me happy to hear that from people who have been married even ...more

If You Had To Choose: Sex or Love?

When it comes to motherhood and a career, there’s already a debate as to whether we can have it all. But what I want to know is, can we have it all when it comes to relationships? I used to think so, because when you’re young you’re taught that anything less is settling. However, after years of dating in the real world, I’ve realized men who have it all don’t exist, except for on shows like The Bachelor, and we all know how well those relationships work out. Subsequently, I find myself wondering, am I asking too much from my partner? ...more
This is something I think about a lot, because I've already chosen love. It wasn't a hard ...more

Tailgate Wisdom: A Relationship Is Like A Truck

You have a truck. You put fuel twice a week. The spark plugs ignite the fuel and cause combustion. This causes it to go. The oil lubricates all the engine components and makes things run smoothly. This takes maintenance. This takes thought. This takes work. You forget to maintain any one of these and your truck breaks down. The same thing goes for your relationship. ...more
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Connecting, Not Communicating

Did you know if you want your relationship to last for a long time to come...before you employ all those communication skills if you and your partner do not feel CONNECTED, then there won't be any need to work on your relationship, there won't be one! So stop talking, and start connecting! Otherwise you may find yourself cohabitating, but you will not be in a healthy relationship in where you are both nurtured and allowed to grow as individuals.This post first appeared on my blog:

How to Get a Happier Marriage: Sorry, Twilight. True Love Isn't for Teenagers.

When I was at my parents' house a few weeks ago, I started talking about Twilight with my sister. Why I hadn't read it. Why I thought it would be stupid. And she said, "You have to read it. It's the yearning." ...more

I totally second that! Tweens and Teens are on a whole different planet, not even level than the ...more

People in Long-Term Relationships Still Need to Get Laid

Remember back in your salad days when you'd spend hours getting ready to see that special someone, applying perfume to your pressure points and humming "Tonight's the Night"? Remember those early weekends away? You know what that was? Scheduled sex, otherwise known as "dating." ...more
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Happy Anniversary, Baby?

Last weekend, my husband was driving us back from a night in the city. I can’t remember the conversation between the kids and I, but when Bruce chimed in, his words tumbled out indecipherable. Syllabic babble. We poked huge amounts of fun at him before he could laugh at himself....more

How filling out a Customs Declaration Form can break your heart.

Last summer, about 6 months before my ex and I broke up, we took a vacation with a fellow couple to Costa Rica. This trip was about 2 years in the planning. One would never assume that a trip that took almost 2 years to plan would proceed to break your will to live.And after all was said and done, our relationship was tested with one tiny government form.... of all things. ...more