How Late Is Too Late To Pick-Up A "Special Order"?

Dear Tazi: Almost three years ago, I put some decorative hardware on order at a local, family owned hardware store. Because the items were a special order, I had to put down a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the merchandise. At the time I was making good money and had decided to extravagantly redecorate my entire home, so even though the hardware was rather pricey I did not blink at the cost. The items were backordered from the supplier for three months, but I felt the items were worth the wait.  ...more

It's not pride that is getting in your way

I have often heard people describe someone as being “too proud to get help” or they say “He (or she) has a lot of pride.” The story continues about how this person came to believe they could do things on their own but then eventually found themselves running out of options. They feel stuck and the people who love them are equally feeling the pressure. Believing there is weakness in enlisting the assistance of others, this person travels in a circle hoping the scenery will change....more

Tough Economy Changes the Face of Holiday Jobs

'Tis the season for holiday employment. November and December are typically months where people hankering for a few extra dollars can take on additional jobs created by the demand during the holidays. This year, however, the tough economy has made holiday jobs more lifeline than extra cash for many affected by long-term job loss. ...more