Are you lonely? Am I?

We all have times in our lives where we feel like we're navigating through life alone. It's easy to stay in the house, under the covers with popcorn and tv all day allowing yourself to look like a victim. Trust me, I've been there and it is VERY easy. But, at some point you have to get up and go. I've been trying my hardest to do just that....more

Longing for a "Real" Life

How, exactly, does one build a “real” life? It’s Easter Sunday evening. My 13-year-old daughter is stretched out on one couch, wrapped up head to toe in her favorite blankie, and I am likewise cozy on the other couch. We are watching a cute Steve Carell movie, “Dan in Real Life.” I am so sad I can hardly breathe. I make a solemn vow that somehow we will have a “real” life. ...more

Alone and Awkward: Our Struggle with Isolation

I first started attending the MOMS group at our church when my oldest was a baby.  I walked into the room and was overwhelmed by the amount of noise.  When women start talking they make a lot of noise.  And boy could they talk. ...more

Birthdays and Papercuts

The garlic soup was not a good choice. Man, it tasted awesome, but my stomach was doing back flips.I had just come back from a late birthday dinner with my mom and my sister, but I couldn't contribute the stomach anxiety to some deliciously risky soup....more

the loneliness is everywhere

As I write this, my beautiful children are outside on the swingset waiting for their dad to pick them up for their weekly visit. 5 hours a week. He had the nerve to lay guilt on me this morning for not going with them today to the zoo. He has no idea, none, the emotional energy required to care and make decisions for 2 mentally challenged children alone. I make every call, right or wrong....more

WARNING: Bored Domesticated Female on the Loose!

 Haven't been inspired to write this past week because frankly, I got a really, really bad case of Boreditis. Let me tell you something, there is NOTHING worse than a bored housewife, mom, 40-something woman who is on the verge of being pre-menopausal! You know when we moms get really bored, we do serious shopping. That can be a dangerous thing to the bank account. But since it's the first of the month and already, I am completely broke - that just isn't an option at the moment....more

I love this post.  No seriously...I LOVE THIS POST.  Oh that same to do list ...more

Are you lonesome tonight?

Aw...I feel so bad for this person. I've always had a soft spot for people who look like they're being left out. I always try to find ways to include people. Probably because of my own being different that I do it. Growing up, I never had female friends. In school, it was because I was Muslim. At the mosque, it was because I was black. It also didn't help that I was younger than most people in my classes. Somehow, it never really affected me. I never has an urge to belong with my peers or coworkers. ...more